How To Choose Upright Pianos

Purchasing a piano should not be a nerve-wracking experience. If you know a few basic tips in regards to buying a piano, it will not be a bad experience. If you are looking at buying a vertical piano, then the upright pianos are the best choice. The following are tips you can use to choose … Continued

Why A Steinway Grand Piano Would Be Ideal for You

A Steinway grand piano is one of the most popular grand pianos on the market today. Its quality and cost are the decisive factors when it comes to making a decision in relation to which grand piano to purchase. People who are working around an especially tight budget often leave Steinway grand pianos off their … Continued

4 Reasons To Consider A Baldwin Upright

The Baldwin Company is known for its upright pianos and numerous pianists, celebrities, and musicians from various parts of the world seek these pianos for their homes. One of the most frequently asked questions from my customers is, “Which Baldwin piano should I buy?” and every time I answer this particular question, I reveal several … Continued

5 Reasons To Purchase A Baldwin Upright

Pianos come in two different types and are manufactured by numerous brands from all over the world. An upright piano, also known as a vertical, is fairly sought after by various musicians, pianists, and even novices. I grew up playing a Baldwin upright and it was one of my favorite musical instruments. During the time … Continued

What Piano Features You Want In A Piano?

People who decide to purchase a piano are immediately faced with two big questions – should they buy a grand or an upright piano and should it be a new or used unit. In this blog post, I have a list of piano features that you should look out for when you make the decision … Continued

Do You Know Your Options Of Yamaha Digital Pianos?

If you feel that you cannot afford the frequent and pricey maintenance of an acoustic piano, but you are in need of a musical instrument that closely resembles sound of an upright piano, you have one of numerous quality Yamaha Digital Pianos to choose from. Below, you will find several options that are exceptional and … Continued

Why Are Pianos For Sale Such A Great Buy?

Used pianos for sale are ideal for beginners, people who have a tight budget, and those who want a second unit in their house. Whether it is an upright or a grand piano, you should make a decision based on your musical needs. If you are purchasing a piano for your child who has recently … Continued

Why Should I Own An Upright Piano?

Almost every customer that comes in asks the same question, “Why should one own an upright piano?” It seems to be on everyone’s mind, because one or the other has heard so much about it, so I decided to write an article about upright pianos and why you should consider buying it.