Why Are Pianos For Sale Such A Great Buy?

Used pianos for sale are ideal for beginners, people who have a tight budget, and those who piano for salewant a second unit in their house. Whether it is an upright or a grand piano, you should make a decision based on your musical needs. If you are purchasing a piano for your child who has recently started showing some skills and the aspiration to play, it is advisable to buy an affordable upright piano.

As an experienced piano dealer, I would advise parents to buy the best piano for their children, but the piano’s cost should not break their bank account. When no one plays the piano anymore, it will be a great financial loss. Therefore, I have several tips about buying the right piano for your musical needs.

Take the Time to Shop Around

As tempting as it is at times, it is best to avoid buying the first piano you come across. It is highly recommended that you shop around by visiting several piano dealers in your area. Get to know the many different brands, types, and qualities of the musical instrument. I find it challenging when my clients ask questions about the pianos in my store. Hence, you should not hesitate to ask questions in regards to the pianos that you are interested in. Additionally, I would recommend that you take note of anything you learn about the pianos, so that you can make a better final decision.

Sit Down and Play the Pianos for Sale

When you are browsing through the used pianos, it is not the time to be shy. Sit down and test them, and make sure that you listen carefully to the different tones that emit from the musical instruments. If you do not know that many tunes to play, ask the sales representative to play a couple to you. During this time, you should pick up that each used piano has a vaguely dissimilar sound; mellow, loud, brilliant, or soft. Even though they are secondhand units, used pianos are a great buy because their condition and sounds are mostly flawless.

Size of the Pianos Play a Huge Role

Buying one of the used pianos for sale is easy, especially if you do not have a budget and you have plenty of space in the house to spare. Otherwise, it can be a headache to find a piano to suit your budget and space. Before you shop for one, make sure you have measured the space allocated for the musical instrument.

Below are the various measurements for two types of pianos:

Grand Pianos

Concert grand pianos stand between 5ft and 9 ft, while baby grand pianos are about 5 ft. In comparison to upright pianos, grand pianos are more responsive, have faster touch action, and are more powerful. However, larger and better quality upright pianos can have equal tonal quality, or much better than the small grand pianos. Bear in mind that the upright pianos have vertical actions, while the grand pianos consist of horizontal actions.Used Pianos

Upright Pianos

The heights for this particular type range from 36’ to 51’. Whichever model you pick, it requires the same measurement of floor space, which is 5 ft by 2 ft. From my experience, a large number of my clients opt for the studio piano and the console. It stands above 44’ and the consoles stand at between 39’ and 42’. Spinet stands at 36’ to 37’, but it is no longer in production, as it did not emit the best sounds and was not as impressionable as the studio and console pianos.

Before you buy one of the used pianos for sale, it is highly recommended that you conduct as much research as you can about it. The research can be done via the Internet or through the piano dealers and previous owners.

What is your preference when it comes to buying a piano? 



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