Used Piano Inspection

Buying a piano represents a major capital investment. These are hand-crafted instruments piano storemade out of high quality, natural materials including wood, felt, cloth and metal. Pianos require precision tuning and calibration and ongoing care to keep them sounding their best. And so the price tag of a new piano usually reflects this craftsmanship.

Not everyone who wants the joy of owing a piano can afford a brand new instrument but you may feel wary about buying a used piano. Instead of letting go of your dreams of having a piano in your home, choose to buy a used piano from a respected dealer or have the piano inspected by a quality piano technician.

used piano
Pianos that have been well cared for can last for several decades. However, not every piano being sold second hand received the care and attention it deserved. If a piano wasn’t tuned and inspected regularly, it could have suffered irreparable harm. In that condition, a second hand piano wouldn’t  be worth purchasing without also having to pay for extensive restoration. Unless you’re buying the piano as an heirloom, this would defeat the purpose of buying a used piano.

Pianos sold on consignment through reputable dealers have undergone the appropriate inspections to ensure they are quality instruments worthy of resale. This sort of piano store will guaranty the sale of the piano so that you feel secure in your purchase in case the piano doesn’t live up to your standards.

Bringing the joy of music into your home is a gift. Music elevates and calms the soul and is a gift no one can ever take away from you. If you want to add a piano to your home but feel concerned about the cost, choosing a guaranteed, inspected second hand piano can make your dream possible.

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