Rents start at $29.00 a month.
Digital piano rents start at $29.00 a month. Enjoy private listening with headphones.
We have hundreds of pianos to rent from $25.00 per month.
We have hundreds of pianos to rent and the rent can apply to a purchase. This piano rents for $49.00 a month. We also have polished ebony.

This piano rents for $25.00 per month. There is a 6 month minimum rental period and is residential only. Delivery and setup charge applies.

Console pianos rent for $49.00 per month with a 6 month minimum. Metro Atlanta delivery and setup charge is $349.00 and there is an extra charge for deliveries with stairs.

Why Most People Rent Pianos

  • To make sure a beginning player will play before buying
  • Need a piano now, but only for a year.
  • Not sure which one to purchase so trying first

We have hundreds of pianos to rent for every budget. To redeem your free month rental, simply contact us using the form on this page or share this page with someone of who is in the market for a piano rental.

Because of Covid-19, quantities are limited. It may not be available. 

6 month minimum rental for residential only. $349.00 delivery fee applies and this is metro Atlanta only. Extra charge for steps during delivery. 10.00 per step. Digital pianos on second floors and above only.