Why Rent a Piano Month to Month?

You or someone in your household is beginning piano lessons, and you want to be sure that you will play before buying piano.

You need a piano now, but only for a limited time… perhaps you’re a student away from home, or you may be moving soon and need a piano temporarily.

You’re ready to start piano, but don’t know which one to buy…or perhaps you want to build up equity in a piano, before you purchase.

You rented a summer or vacation home and want a piano there.

Prices from $25 per month

Because of Covid-19 and high demand, quantities may be limited. We may not have any available. 

We have hundreds of pianos to rent for every budget. Spinet pianos for a small space and budget. Console pianos for a fuller tone and upright and professional uprights for discriminating musicians. We even have some baby grand pianos. To get special month to month pricing, contact us. Residential only and a 6 month minimum. Delivery fee applies. Metro Atlanta only. Digital pianos only on second floors and higher. $10.00 per step.