Baby Grand Piano Placement In The Home

I recently became the proud owner of my first baby grand piano. As a child, my parents baby grand pianosupported my love of music, and I was encouraged to take piano lessons using the studio, upright piano in our home. This heirloom had sentimental value as it had been passed down from one generation to the next. My mother inherited the grand piano just before my sixth birthday and felt it was a perfect tool to introduce me to the wonderful world of music through piano lessons.  

Years later, with a family of my own, I decided it was time to purchase a piano for me and my young children to enjoy.  I opted for a baby grand from Cooper Music, whose motto is to "Build a better world through music education." I love the credo and am proud of my decision to invest in the educational, musical future of my children.  The question is, "Where is the perfect spot for my new baby grand piano"?
baby grand
Consulting with the staff at Coopers, I was told that a piano should never face an outside wall. It should be placed in a spot facing out into a room to make for better acoustical sounds. It should not be placed too close to a window, where sunlight could have negative effects both on the finish and acoustics of a baby grand. If the piano is near a window, the window should be covered with curtains or a shade. Likewise, never place a baby grand piano near a radiator, ceiling fans or any kind of extreme heat or cold. The keyboard should be openly visible so that a player is enticed to play and guests are inspired by not only the sound, but the intricate handwork of the player.  

Once your baby grand piano is in place to your satisfaction, rearrange your furniture so that it is the focal point of the room. After all, nothing else (other than the person playing it,) can add such style and grace to a room.   

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