Why Should I Own An Upright Piano?

Almost every customer that comes in asks the same question, “Why should one own an upright upright pianopiano?” It seems to be on everyone’s mind, because one or the other has heard so much about it, so I decided to write an article about upright pianos and why you should consider buying it.

A Piano that Fits One’s Requirements

From my experience, I believe that bigger pianos are much better than the smaller ones. The same can be said about upright pianos. When a customer visits the store, I always suggest that he or she tries a piano that is above 130cm tall. If the customer likes the sound it produces, then it is entirely up to him or her to purchase it. If it is too high for the customer’s home, then, I recommend upright pianos that are above 120cm, such as the Yamaha U1, which is about 121cm or the Steinway.

Small Upright Pianos

These days, there are many piano manufacturers that are constructing cheap small upright pianos and a large number of people are buying them. Sure, these pianos look amazing and they have impressive brand names (normally German-like names), but if you sit down and play the musical instrument, you will notice that they do not have the same class akin to those higher quality pianos that are created to be exceptional, timeless musical instruments, rather than just a piece of furniture.

Big Upright Pianos

Bigger upright pianos, such as the ones that stand at 131cm are created for pianists who have passed their early grades, and are now in need of an upright piano that will see the pianists through grade 8, or as far as their aspiration will take them. As soon as you buy a high quality piano, you do not need to upgrade again unless you want to move on to a grand piano that stands at 7 ft.

As a result, piano companies put a massive amount of effort into ensuring that the larger upright pianos are crafted from scrape, to the highest value possible. These pianos are certainly not aimed at those who buy the musical instruments simply as a piece of decorative furniture. They are aimed at striving piano students, university students, piano tutors, small concert halls, and music schools. In addition, they are built to last from one generation to the next while providing a high quality sound the entire time.

The Most Well-Liked Bigger Upright Pianosupright piano

Over the years, a number of people have chosen the Yamaha U3 as the best upright piano. Steinway Company has some of the best upright pianos as well. What I have learned about this type of musical instrument is that the combinations of high quality build and reasonable price have made it the best type of piano to own.

The Conclusion

A number of people who are interested in buying a piano will go through several options before they make the final decision. Aside from upright pianos, there are the grand pianos but as always, space is the first thing that needs to be considered. The price also plays a huge part, because if you cannot afford a grand piano, then it should not even be on your list. This is when an upright piano wins almost all the time, because not only is the quality good, it usually fits those who are space-conscious as well. Additionally, upright pianos have a top quality keyboard action and produce a full, rich tone.

Would you consider buying an upright piano?  



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