4 Reasons To Consider A Baldwin Upright

The Baldwin Company is known for its upright pianos and numerous pianists, baldwin uprightcelebrities, and musicians from various parts of the world seek these pianos for their homes. One of the most frequently asked questions from my customers is, “Which Baldwin piano should I buy?” and every time I answer this particular question, I reveal several important reasons why they should purchase a Baldwin upright piano.

First and foremost, the company is widely known – Ask any piano dealer from any part of the world about the Baldwin Company, and I assure you that he or she knows the company and its various piano models. Buying a piano from a prominent company like the Baldwin Company makes it easy for you to find spare parts when you need to replace any damaged or broken parts in your Baldwin piano. Additionally, it would be a lot easier to find experienced technicians who can fix this particular piano brand.

The piano is made from a blend of various quality materials – I always advise people to check the piano carefully before they buy it. Original Baldwin pianos are made from mahogany, oak, or cherry, particularly the casing, whereas seasoned sitka spruce is used to make the keys. With the blend of various materials, Baldwin Company manages to produce outstanding pianos for many decades.

A piano that produces flawless tones – If you are looking at investing in a piano that can produce faultless, rich, and sonorous sounds, then the Baldwin upright piano is surely the right choice. Of course, almost all the world’s foremost piano brands manufacture flawless-sounding pianos, but there is definitely something different and spectacular in the air when you hear the sounds emitted from a Baldwin piano. To know what I am talking about, you need to play a few different types of pianos from several different companies, and I can assure you that the Baldwin uprights have a propensity to produce the best sounds.

The piano comes in a few different sizes – This is a very good thing because you can easily find a Baldwin upright that fits your particular space. If you want an upright piano that produces stronger and deeper sounds, I suggest that you buy the larger upright piano. From my many years of personal observation, I have found that the larger uprights can generate sounds akin to baby grand pianos. People who want to boost the final sound of their Baldwin uprights can do so by lifting the lid.

When you are shopping for Baldwin uprights, make sure that you carefully test the pianos priorBaldwin pianos to making payment. Play the different sizes of uprights and listen carefully to the sounds that each one produces. If you do not know how to play the piano, do not fret, because the sales representatives will be glad to play some classical pieces for you so that you can listen to them.

Secondhand units are ideal for beginners and if you are considering a used unit, I would recommend that you bring a piano technician with you. This is particularly vital if you are buying from a private seller, because you need to know that the piano is worth every penny that you will spend on it. Not all private sellers are trustworthy, so do not approach them without an experienced technician by your side. Avoid buying a used unit if you find that it has external damages, because there is a high probability that it also has some internal damages, which will cost you in the end.

When you buy a used Baldwin upright piano with minor damages, you will end up spending more money in order to repair those damages. Minor damages can lead to bigger ones, especially if they were never looked at prior to selling it to interested buyers.

How much are you willing to spend on a Baldwin upright piano? 

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