Do You Know Your Options Of Yamaha Digital Pianos?

If you feel that you cannot afford the frequent and pricey maintenance of an acoustic piano, but yamaha digital pianosyou are in need of a musical instrument that closely resembles sound of an upright piano, you have one of numerous quality Yamaha Digital Pianos to choose from. Below, you will find several options that are exceptional and affordable.

The choices below are piano-focused digital pianos and most of them normally present various sounds. However, they are well-known for their replication of sound and touch of an acoustic piano, except that they are portable.

Portable digital piano exclusive of speakers

This instrument will require a stand and an amplifier. If you want to customize your setup or plug-in to a professional sound system, this would be an ideal choice.

Portable digital piano inclusive of speakers

It serves the same purpose as the one mentioned above, but you do not need an amplifier, since it comes with speakers. It is a lot more portable, saves money, and space, as you do not need to purchase additional equipment. If it does not come with a matching stand, you should consider buying a sturdy folding stand, so that the digital piano does not wobble.

Home-style digital piano

The home-style digital piano is rather light, but it is not created to be moved around as often as the other keyboards. It tends to have enhanced quality speakers and the touch is said to be exceptional. This particular keyboard has an impressive wood finish too.

Now, here are a few choices of affordable and remarkable Yamaha Digital Pianos:

Yamaha Digital Piano P-95

The entry-level model found in the P series keyboards, P-95 is designed to be affordable and compact with an additional on-board speaker, as well as an optional matching stand. I feel that the Graded Hammer Standard Action bears a resemblance to a Yamaha acoustic piano’s action. You will find a number of additional sounds in this keyboard.

Although it is as basic as it gets, it still has a satisfactory level of overall superiority. The P-95 costs between $550 and $750, depending on where you shop, and if you are looking for a used digital piano, you might want to consider the P-85, as it is almost similar and you can obtain it for less money.

digital pianos

Yamaha Digital Piano P-155

P-155 is similar to the P-95 but with an overall improvement. The action or touch response is made to imitate a grand piano, and the audio samples are extracted from a grand piano with an enhanced resolution sound. While it has the same style akin to the P-95, it actually comes with better sounds, touch, more sounds/tones, and a USB port make recording much easier. At the stores, you can buy it for around $1,000.

Yamaha YDP-141 or Yamaha YDP-135R

These are the home-style digital pianos and the main dissimilarity between the two keyboards is the grand piano action versus the upright piano action, the ability to use ½ pedals, and an upgrade in the tonal quality. They are light and they do not take as much space in the house. However, they are meant to be situated in the living room, as that will help to reverberate the sound that they produce.

Compared to some of the other Yamaha Digital Pianos, the YDP-141 and YDP-135R offer a more precise piano experience. The maintenance cost is non-existent, which makes them a good buy. The YDP-141 costs from $1,200 to $1,500, while the YDP-135R is around $1,000 to $1,200.

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