5 Reasons To Purchase A Baldwin Upright

Pianos come in two different types and are manufactured by numerous brands from all over the upright pianosworld. An upright piano, also known as a vertical, is fairly sought after by various musicians, pianists, and even novices. I grew up playing a Baldwin upright and it was one of my favorite musical instruments. During the time I played an upright, I learned that a number of noteworthy celebrities, such as Truman, Stravinsky, and Copland adored the Baldwin pianos.

Until this very day, my walk-in customers will inquire about the Baldwin uprights, because of all the positive things that they hear in relation to this particular brand. Here are five very good reasons why you should buy one of the Baldwin uprights:

The Company is Well Known

Baldwin Company is a prominent brand in the world of pianos. As a piano dealer for a great quantity of years, I have had the privilege of meeting numerous celebrities who adore Baldwin pianos. Even when I attended piano conventions around the world, the name Baldwin, was always whispered and followed by their remarkable variety and quality of piano models. Since it is one of the most recognizable and used brands in the world, Baldwin Company always makes sure that they produce flawless pianos. Thus, I can assure you that you will never be discontented with your very own Baldwin upright.

The Piano Emits Flawless Sounds

Two weeks ago, a customer walked in and asked about an upright piano. My store carries a wide variety of uprights, so I showed the customer a few units and he sat down to play one of the Baldwin uprights. Thereafter, he played a few other units from other manufacturers, and he went back to playing a few pieces on the Baldwin upright. I could tell that he was fascinated by the brand and I knew what he wanted to buy. He told me that he was very taken by the rich sounds produced by Baldwin uprights. I told him that I could not agree more!

Baldwin Pianos are made of Robust Materials

To produce a Baldwin upright, the manufacturer blends a number of robust materials. All the piano keys are made from seasoned sitka spruce, which is able to create a very clear, long lasting resonance. Oak, mahogany, or cherry is used to construct the casing. These materials are often noticeable in the sleek, robust finish, and for these reasons, many pianists adore Baldwin pianos.

Vertical Pianos Come in Different Sizesbaldwin upright

Baldwin Company produces vertical pianos in varied sizes and because of this; I tell my customers that they can find one that meets their available space and artistic requirements. If my customers are looking for a musical instrument that can emit a much deeper and stronger tonal quality, I normally advise them to purchase larger upright pianos, because they have the best acoustic superiority.

Owing to this particular characteristic, large numbers of pianists – amateurs and veterans – often put them side by side with baby grand pianos. A long time ago, a good friend of mine shared a trick, if you want to amplify the sound of the Baldwin upright, simply raise the lid. In doing so, it allows the rich sounds of the Baldwin unit to reverberate from one corner of the wall to the other!

Baldwin Uprights are Worth Every Penny

Even though Baldwin uprights can be relatively expensive for many beginners, I believe it is worth owning. Baldwin pianos can last a lifetime and many owners pass it down from one generation to the next. Therefore, if you have the means to purchase one, I advise that you do it. You will not regret your decision in buying a Baldwin upright for your home.

Do you know of other reasons why people should purchase Baldwin uprights? 

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