What To Look For In A Knabe Piano

While not as well-known as Steinway, Knabe pianos have nearly as long a history. One of the oldest American piano brands, Knabes have been produced continuously since the 1840s. Despite numerous ups and downs over the decades, Knabe has maintained its focus on crafting beautiful instruments with a sound that’s famous around the world.

5 Reasons To Own A Knabe Piano

A Knabe piano is an excellent alternative for beginners, intermediate, and even advanced pianists. When customers visit my store to look for the ideal piano, I often mention the Knabe brand, particularly if he or she has never heard of it before. While the name may be unfamiliar to many individuals, various prominent people and … Continued

Read This Before You Order Your 88 Key Piano Keyboard

One of the things that I find most pleasurable about piano keyboards is the amount of keys that come with a particular unit. Although most veteran pianists were raised among large traditional pianos with excellent piano features, there was constantly the issue, as young players, to reach certain keys whilst still trying to stay in … Continued

Understanding A Digital Pianos Features

There are several piano manufacturers worldwide that produce top quality digital pianos, but most customers that visit my store often ask about Yamaha digital pianos, because their piano features are incredible. The Yamaha Company has been one of the primary manufacturers of electronic musical instruments and acoustic pianos for many decades.

Baldwin Piano Features That Stand Out

Family and friends say that I am very passionate about pianos, and that is very true. If they have the opportunity to talk to my previous customers, I am sure they (customers) will agree about my love and passion for these musical instruments. In my store, there are various top piano brands from all over … Continued

3 Great Features Of The Celviano

Grand pianos, though a pride of many who own them are an expensive stock to come by and maintain. There is more to just attaining the beauty of a grand piano that however comes with a price. Known for their superbly engineered acoustic that lead to exotic sound production, it has always been hard to … Continued