3 Great Features Of The Celviano

Grand pianos, though a pride of many who own them are an expensive stock to come by and celvianomaintain. There is more to just attaining the beauty of a grand piano that however comes with a price. Known for their superbly engineered acoustic that lead to exotic sound production, it has always been hard to create electronic replicas of these music samples.

The Celviano, a masterpiece from Casio is one such solution. The machine is exactly all what I would like in my piano without the cost, weight and exotic look. Some three unique features about this new model will definitely make it a great choice for people looking for the actual piano feel but in a digital package.

It touches and feels just like what a real grand piano would

The Celviano has all the features that a normal grand piano would have and so much more. For instance, it has 3 triple sensor weighed scale hammer action technology on all its 88 keys that have an ivory touch finish. Adding this to the fact that it has Damper, Soft and Sostenuto pedals and a music stand, this piano has the capability to give me the feeling  that I are actually playing the real thing.

All functionalities that imitate a grand piano come at an amazing lightweight of 82.2lb. Clearly cramming all this performance into something very much lighter than even a straight back piano is something to give credit on. This piano is definitely easy to move around and as good to play as a grand piano.

Comes with all other digital gizmos the grand piano never gets to pack

Electronic piano players have the benefits of drawing from technology to attain things that normal string pianos cannot. For instance, the Celviano comes with USB and SD memory card storage system that allows me to record what I play or play back what somebody else recorded earlier on. This is an amazing functionality for learners or in cases where I want to combine two tunes in a composition but I just don’t have another piano and or player.

By channeling its sound through a new Linear Morphing AiF with sixteen tones, this piano delivers notes precisely as you strike them hence the finesse and quality you will expect from a freshly tuned grand piano. In addition to this, it has two headphone terminals and 2×20 watt speaker systems. The jacks mean that I can connect it to an amplification system and beam up the tunes to a wide crowd when need there be.

The sound quality is just as good as that of a traditional grand pianogrand pianos

While anything is possible with technology, what amazes me is Casio’s decision not to make the Celviano better than a grand piano. The whole idea in the construction of the piano was to create something that feels and plays like a grand piano and nothing more.

To achieve the acoustics of a piano with the weighty harps and finely tuned strings, Casio has spent time and brains to make the two twenty watt speakers produce exactly the sound that a native piano would produce. This is attained by the Linear Morphing AiF system that replicates every intensity of the keystrokes or tread on the pedal to the exact sound replication that a grand piano would produce. The coordination of the pedal push and the intensity of keystrokes is something that differentiates digital pianos from the native harped ones and Casio’s technology narrows the divide between this. This is actually, what makes grand pianos unique and by cramming it into a digital implementation, Casio has taken digital pianos to the next level. 

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