15 Benefits Of A Church Owning A Wireless Player Piano

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Pianos come in various shapes, sizes, and you have a choice of several types too. You can find acoustic and digital pianos in almost all piano stores around the world. With the ongoing progress of technology, digital pianos have become the number one choice in institutions, conservatories, and even churches.

Benefits of Owning a Wireless Player Piano

The following are benefits that institutions like churches receive when they own a digital piano:

1. You can purchase a quality digital piano for less than $1000. In fact, you can get a good secondhand unit at about $400.

2. Digital pianos are compact, which means you can dismantle them to store in the church storage unit.

3. Most wireless player pianos are portable. If there is a church picnic going on, you can bring the digital piano to the park to entertain the guests.

4. Digital pianos deliver a wide range of sounds that are similar to other musical instruments, i.e. drumbeats, harpsichord, flute, guitar, saxophone, and many more. With this particular feature, you can perform as an entire orchestra before your audience.

5. A digital piano can also be utilized as a player piano. You can leave a few music pieces on while you do something else.

6. Wireless player pianos normally come with software that can be updated through Internet.

7. These days, there are many apps that are related to wireless player pianos. Certain apps are free to download, while others may cost a few dollars. The best thing about these apps is that you can easily download them from the Internet straight onto your digital piano unit.

8. If you need a new stand for the piano, you can buy one that does not necessarily have to be from the same brand. Moreover, there are additional tools and devices that can be added to enhance your instrument.

9. Most digital pianos can be attached to a computer or laptop. This certainly helps a lot, particularly if you want to update software and apps.

10. Acoustic or traditional pianos are brilliant, especially when it comes to their sonorous sounds. However, you cannot record or play back any of your pieces. Digital pianos can do this and so much more. You can even have an entire studio literally at your fingertips.

11. Given that the digital piano can be attached to your PC or laptop, you can print out any of your music sheets directly from it.wireless piano player.jpg

12. There is absolutely no need for you to be concerned about repairs, tuning, or even tweaking. Unlike conventional pianos, wireless player pianos do not break down easily, if ever.

13. If there are people in the church and you need to practice, you can simply plug in your pair of headphones and play your pieces without bothering others in your immediate surroundings.

14. There is no complication when it comes to composing new pieces. The manual is easy to read and if you find any complexity in using the instrument, you can always search online for information.

15. You do not have to hire a professional cleaner to clean the musical instrument. Simply dust it off with a feather duster or damped cloth every month.

How Should a Church Obtain the Best Instrument?

As with any customers, I often tell pastors or church owners that they need to consider a number of things before they purchase a wireless player piano. The best thing is to compose a list of questions to ask the piano dealer to ensure that you obtain all the information that you need about the instrument.

Consider the following when purchasing a wireless player piano:

  • Wireless player piano types
  • Affordability
  • Quality
  • Aesthetic value
  • Brand new or secondhand unit

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