Steinway Piano Compared To Schimmel Piano

Steinway PianoFor Atlanta-area music enthusiasts in search of a new piano, there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that you will never be limited on your options for a new instrument. The bad news is that with so many choices, it is not always easy to make your selection with confidence.

Two of the most respected manufacturers are Steinway & Sons and the Schimmel Piano Company. Because each of these provide high quality instruments, it is difficult to determine which will be a better fit for you personal needs and preferences. To aid in your decision making process, we will take you on a quick crash course in the difference between a Schimmel and a Steinway piano.

General Company Information

As you make your choice between Schimmel or Steinway pianos, you must be informed about the companies themselves. Understanding the background of each and the products which are manufactured by the two will give you a frame of reference to begin making your selection. Here, we will explore the origins of both Steinway & Sons and Schimmel, and where they are today.

Steinway Pianos

  • History: The Steinway & Sons Piano Company was founded in 1853 by Henry Steinway. The influence of this piano manufacturing company still has a major affect on the production of instruments today. In the original Manhattan-based Steinway & Sons steinway and sonscompany, each piano was crafted individually, one at a time. This tradition carries over to the modern piano as the skills and workmanship to create each piece is passed down through the generations.

  • Today: Steinway pianos continue to shine today as they are carefully crafted for optimum performance. The Steinway & Sons Piano Company takes pride in the production of grand pianos. This includes concert grands, baby grands, medium grands, and music room grands. Reproductions of Louis XV and Chippendale grands can also be found. In addition to these, Steinway pianos features three distinct models of upright pianos. The three uprights in production by  Steinway pianos include those designed in the same fashion as the original, introduced in 1903. Also featured are the  Sheraton which is designed to replicate 18th century models, and the Model 1098 – a modern model of the upright. Lastly, you will find Steinway pianos which include limited editions and art case pianos which are crafted from rare materials and woods for truly dramatic style.

Schimmel Pianos

  • History: The Schimmel Piano Company was founded not in the United States like Steinway, but in Germany. This manufacturing company was established approximately 30 years after Steinway, in 1885, and still remains run by the family name to this day.

  • Today: The pianos which are produced by Schimmel are inclusive of both individual and professional needs. Professionals will tend to lean toward the Konzert line of grand pianos and upright pianos, whereas the Classic line is more suited for individual needs within a home or place of worship or business. the Schimmel Piano Company produces another line of pianos, The Vogel, which features uprights and grands with an emphases on technical details and sensitivity. Families and individuals who are on a budget will find the perfect Schimmel Piano from the May Berlin Selected line.

A Quick and Easy BreakdownSchimmel Piano

So what does this all mean for you? Now that you have an understanding and a feel for where both Steinway and Schimmel came from and where they are today, it’s time to take a look at a direct breakdown of the each company:

Steinway Pianos

  • Manufactured in the U.S and Germany

  • Associated with high quality

  • Prestigious brand which comes with "bragging rights"

  • Features a quality lacquer finish

  • Associated with a higher price

Schimmel Pianos

  • Manufactured in Germany

  • Associated with excellent craftsmanship

  • Known for durability

  • Features a polyester finish

  • Associated with a lower price

Putting It All Together

Because both Schimmel and Steinway pianos are carefully crafted by professionals with extensive experiences, it all comes down to personal preference. What matters most to you: Price? Country of manufacture? Appearance? The hard facts are here, but the decision is yours.

What will it be? Steinway or Schimmel?   






3 responses to “Steinway Piano Compared To Schimmel Piano

  1. Schimmel is a fantastic piano that has been under-rated. After trying many pianos in a blind fashion (eyes closed), I always gravitated towards Schimmel’s sound and touch. Bosendorfers and Steinways carry names, which should not be confused with music or touch. If you are going after music and touch, please close your eyes and decide what is best for you. It may be that inexpensive forgotten piano at the corner of the store. People need myths. Steinways, Stradivarius, etc are myths built over the years by a whole industry. In fact, many double blind controlled studies showed these are not necessarily the best instruments even when evaluated by the best musicians around.

    1. We love Schimmels! The touch is incredible and our customers are always very satisfied with their purchase!

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