5 Reasons To Own A Knabe Piano

A Knabe piano is an excellent alternative for beginners, intermediate, and even advanced pianists.knabe pianos When customers visit my store to look for the ideal piano, I often mention the Knabe brand, particularly if he or she has never heard of it before. While the name may be unfamiliar to many individuals, various prominent people and celebrities own a Knabe instrument, mainly because of what they offer.

1. The Best Performance – Mr. William Knabe was the founder of the company and from the beginning, he made sure that his employees construct high performance musical instruments. It was back then that more than a handful of great pianists from all parts of the world began to notice the Knabe pianos. Concert halls in Europe and America feature these pianos and more often than not, multiple visitors are impressed with the tonal quality they present.

Beside concert halls, the majority of music conservatories, music departments of colleges and universities, as well as public schools have chosen Knabe pianos as part of their music prospectus. Every Knabe piano produces sonorous tones and it is constantly described as an instrument that is able to produce sounds similar to that of a singing human voice. This quality is one of the amazing features that many people talk about until today.

Knabe Company is well known for manufacturing pianos with flawless finishes. The encasement is free of blemishes and every key that is struck produces a perfect tone. All these flawless features and tonal qualities are achievable only because the company takes pride in their products and pays close attention to each piano-making system.

2. Exceptional Artisanship – Many individuals who know the Knabe Company deem its pianos as some of the best in the world due to its overall quality. The company has a lineage of astounding skills that have been implemented for multiple centuries. Family of the company’s employees has provided multiple ideas when it comes to improving the musical instruments.

When constructing a Knabe piano, the staff members do not compromise any phases of the designs, materials, and artistry. In the past several years, the company has produced technically correct and faultless piano units. To make an impression on each of their clients, the company makes sure that every piano is designed and crafted from specific materials, for instance spruce, hornbeam, and maple, to emit the best tonal quality.

3. Quality Materials – As I previously mentioned, all Knabe pianos are produced from superiorknabe materials. Before a Knabe piano is constructed, the engineers choose all the metals, woods, natural fabrics, glues, and all associated materials with the utmost care and attention. I believe it is safe to say that the engineers will only let the best materials through in order to manufacture all the instruments.

From what I have observed, Knabe Company utilizes several different woods when manufacturing its pianos. In order for a piano to last very long, the company uses winter-cut, northern hard-rock maple wood. This wood is quarter-sawn in order to produce pin planks. Other parts of their pianos are constructed from different woods that are specially flown in from various countries.

4. Values and Philosophy – Each Knabe piano is handmade and restricted since many decades ago. All the Knabe pianos are tonally consistent and robust, as well as have their own uniqueness. When a customer plays pianos from this brand, I often see that he feels the sense of variation from each instrument.

5. Ultimate Superiority – If you want a piano that has remarkable tonal quality and sounds, I would suggest that you test Knabe pianos. Even back in the days (a very long time ago) when I started to show interest in these pianos, I found that the sound quality was incredible. Today, in my opinion, Knabe pianos are still rated among the leading pianos in the world.

Have you played a Knabe piano before?

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  1. In the sixties,l tracked down a Knave upright from a private home to the dealer in whose they gave it,paying twice as much as the original owners..l had seen it originally, and couldn’t get its sound out of my mind My mother of blessed memory was a singer, and she always said the Knave is a piano that sings. Indeed, not everyone knows but the Knave was the official piano for the metropolitan Opera among others .Still have it..it still sing..my great grandchildren enjoy it now….

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