Baldwin Pianos are Americas Favorite

There are many piano manufacturers that produce high quality instruments the world over, but just what is it about Baldwin pianos that makes it an American favorite? It may have something to do with its roots. The Baldwin piano company began its operations in 1890, and produced its first piano, an upright model in 1891. … Continued

Piano Sale How do I Know If It Is A Good Price?

For centuries, possessing a piano in the home has been regarded as indicative of good taste and often, a skilled or dedicated player. For me, listening to the magic chords of a Beethoven composition or the unmatched precision of a Chopin piece brings all that rich history to life, in lush and vibrant sonic hues. … Continued

Piano Teacher: Sally Bates

Cooper Piano strives to build a better world through music education. To do this, Cooper Piano is happy to highlight a highly qualified voice and piano teacher at the Peggy Still School of Music, Ms. Sally Rose Bates! About Ms. Bates Ms. Bates holds a Masters Degree in Vocal Performance from the Georgia State University … Continued

Piano Teacher Highlight: Peggy Still

Cooper Piano is proud to endorse the Peggy Still School of Music. This school has trained hundreds of students in music and has a strong reputation in Georgia for providing high-quality coaching and instruction to students of all levels and abilities.

How Do I Find A Piano Teacher For My Child?

Finding a teacher, any teacher, is an important decision that requires time, energy, and finesse.The easiest way to go about it would be to just jump on a search engine the same way you would if you were looking for a grand piano or a upright piano and find someone close, but a friend’s recommendation is often … Continued

Piano Teacher Highlight: Victoria Mandly

A groundbreaking approach to music instruction is making it fun and easy for children as young as 3 years old to learn how to play the piano. Developed by Victoria Mandly, Play the Self-Teaching Piano Game for Kids is a colorful and exciting tool that children can use to identify and play piano notes and keys. … Continued

Piano Teacher Highlight: Lynn McConnell

I have taught many piano students over the years.  I started in San Francisco at Yamaha Music School and taught music classes for ten years, and then I moved to Atlanta.  I have been teaching private piano lessons ever since then. My overall philosophy with students is to try to inspire them, yet at the … Continued