Piano Sale How do I Know If It Is A Good Price?

Vertical pianoFor centuries, possessing a piano in the home has been regarded as indicative of good taste and often, a skilled or dedicated player. For me, listening to the magic chords of a Beethoven composition or the unmatched precision of a Chopin piece brings all that rich history to life, in lush and vibrant sonic hues. I have always felt that the piano is simply the most elegant and worthy of all musical instruments, and so I sought to own one on a recent Fall day as I recalled the music lessons of my youth.

Of course, the piano’s preeminent prestige is reflected in the general expense required to obtain one. A Schimmel, for example, isn’t likely to be found at your general, run-of-the-mill neighborhood piano sale! Before I embarked on my journey to find one, I made sure to consult piano experts on precisely what it was I should be looking for; the range of options spanned from the size-conscious Vertical piano, which befits a smaller room and sacrifices a bit of acoustic sophistication, or the aptly-named Grand piano, which is the king, and can take up the space to prove it, returning the best possible sound for your troubles.

piano saleBeing on a bit of a budget, the temptation to peruse the average college-sponsored piano sale was initially great, until my expert informed me that you can pretty much never expect to get your money’s worth at one of these, given that a piano is a lifelong investment that not only needs to tuned every couple of years, but also should be backed by a reputable manufacturer in case one of its ten-thousand parts are awry or missing, rendering the piano largely useless. Consider too that a well-kept piano actually increases in value as the years go by, and it became abundantly clear that my best bet for this once-in-a-lifetime piano purchase was with a reputable and informed dealer.

Cooper Piano is a century-old piano sales establishment, and they did everything to ensure I got the right piano, which will eventually be worth far more than my investment. Offering many brands, I was able to rent the piano to test the sound, and they had attendant tuning services and support. Dedicated to piano music education, Cooper Piano offered everything that the neighborhood garage sale simply couldn’ and made purchasing my piano the lifetime treat it will surely be.

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