Player Piano Repair And Maintenance

player pianoWhen it comes to music and owning musical instruments, everything needs to be well taken care of. Sometimes that means having things repaired or having routine maintenance, which is especially true for pianos, organs, keyboards and, yes, player pianos. I know how expensive it can get to keep up with a piano, and while it may seem like a pain at first, making sure all of the keys are in tune and the piano is up to snuff is very vital to its longevity and being able to make music well for many years. This is especially true for player pianos, which are usually working extra hard.

It’s never fun to lounge around the player piano and hear an off key or deterioration from wear and tear and little maintenance. That usually means the piano will only continue to collect dust if it can’t play well anymore, which is always a sad story to hear about! Instead of putting off the time and time again, a trip to Cooper Music can make everything easier, effortless, and sounding lovely. You see, keeping up with an instrument–especially with a piano–doesn’t have to be a foreign thing, but rather an educational experience.

Piano repair can also just come up unexpectedly, these sort of things happen. And instead of just letting the piano become neglected, let the experts like myself at Cooper Music help you with your piano needs. Why at Cooper Music? Well, I can list off a few reasons…

  • There is a particular credo at Cooper Music, and it goes something like this: build a better world through music education. Don’t be left in the dark on how a piano should be maintained, get the straight facts at Cooper Music. Understand the music and understand your instrument, we’re here to help with that. This includes all of the mechanisms in a player piano, too.

  • Cooper Music is a one-stop shop for your piano interests, whether it’s a consultation on a repair or finding the perfect lesson for your children (or even yourself!) or making sure your automated piano playing is still sounding like new. Sheet music, piano rental, tuning, and everything else can be found for your piano interests, needs, and simple wants.piano repair

  • I must admit, finding a local piano dealer can be quite difficult–and a good one, at that. However, you’ve got yourself a great piano center right in Atlanta. Instead of endlessly trying to find a maintenance worker for piano repair, tuner, or even a piano teacher on Google, simply just come visit us at Cooper Music.

  • Don’t be discouraged to ask all of your music (and piano) questions while visiting us. Like it has been said before, we are trying to educate everyone with a love for music and even a budding interest.

  • Need the replacement parts for your player piano and can’t find the right ones? Cooper Music has a huge selection of the right tools to get your player piano working again, as well as new sheet music. And if your player piano needs to be at the shop longer than expected for that piano repair, we also carry a huge selection of rentals, too.

Sure, there is a lot when it comes to pianos, but, it doesn’t have to sound Greek to you. Piano repair shouldn’t have to be like pulling teeth (we certainly don’t want it to be!), especially when it comes to maintaining a player piano. All of the mechanisms sometimes need a little tune up here and there, just like a car, and that’s nothing to worry about with Cooper Music around.

Do you find player pianos interesting, or just a novelty item? Let us know!   








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