Why Piano Movers Aren’t In Tune

Piano owners should never move a piano on their own. Specific equipment is needed to move a piano properly, piano moversincluding a piano dolly, piano board and the proper straps. Pianos are extremely heavy and moving the piano roughly can result in damage to the equipment as well as the people doing the moving.    

While professional piano movers are necessary any time you move your piano, another important factor to note about piano moving is that most piano movers do not include piano tuning in their fees, nor are many of them educated on how to tune a piano properly.    
When you move your piano, there are several reasons as to why the piano may go out of tune, including changes in the atmosphere or humidity conditions. The piano strings may stretch as a result, causing the piano to lose tune. Moreover, if the pins on the piano are already loose, piano moving can further jar the pins, resulting in tuning problems.    

piano moving

Even if you have not recently moved your piano, the Piano Technician’s Guild recommends tuning your piano at least twice a year until the piano reaches a specific pitch standard. Cooper Piano has been in the piano business for over 100 years and we have experience with tuning pianos affected by the heat and humidity here in Atlanta.    

If you live in the Atlanta area and have either recently moved or are considering moving your piano, contact Cooper Piano to schedule a tuning appointment.  (We also provide professional piano moving services.) Call us at 404-329-1027 or send us a note online.











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