Piano Repair Should Have A Warranty

Your piano is your passion. And it’s an investment that should not only last you a lifetime—but should be around for generation after generation. That’s why proper piano repair and tuning are essential to keeping your piano in prime shape.

Piano Repair Focus On: Treatment Of A Loose Pinblock

For a piano to hold a stable tuning, it’s essential that the tuning pins are tight. While there are other factors (such as fluctuations in humidity) which have an impact on the longevity of a tuning, a tuning pin which is loose to the point where it slips and turns in its hole will cause … Continued

Piano Tuning Procedures

In this ever-increasing do-it-yourself world, many piano owners think that they can save money by performing their own piano tuning. However, tuning a grand piano involves a very complicated procedure that should be performed by a professional in almost all cases. Here is an overview of the steps involved:

All Pianos Are Not Created Equal – Piano Features Part 2

Piano features make a difference in the overall quality and staying power of this impressive instrument. In the last blog, we reviewed what to look for in case construction, pedals, finishes, the back frame, pinball and ribs or braces. In this post, we’ll introduce you to other key piano features and make you part of … Continued

Baby Grand Piano- Will it Fit in My Room?

I learned long ago that of the two types of piano – the Vertical and the Grand – the Grand is the superior model. For many piano-lovers and owners such as myself, however, the full-sized, concert Grand is well beyond my pay-grade. Because of its superior sound, it is fortunate that smaller models exist, with … Continued

Piano Sale How do I Know If It Is A Good Price?

For centuries, possessing a piano in the home has been regarded as indicative of good taste and often, a skilled or dedicated player. For me, listening to the magic chords of a Beethoven composition or the unmatched precision of a Chopin piece brings all that rich history to life, in lush and vibrant sonic hues. … Continued

The Piano Maintenance of Institutions

Pianos that are purchased for institutions fill a very special, very necessary niche. They are used for many different purposes: leading congregations in church hymns, teaching children how to sing nursery songs, allowing aspiring music students to polish their Chopin and Debussy to perfection.  The music that fills the hallways, chapels, and practice rooms of … Continued

Grand Piano Room Acoustics

My favorite thing to do in the shower is sing opera.  Am I an opera singer?  No way!  But I sure sound amazing to myself when I sing an aria in that resonant, tile lined, porcelain floored, steamy, acoustic wonder. That being said, you’ll never catch me singing "Habanera" from Carmen in the middle of a football … Continued