All Pianos Are Not Created Equal – Piano Features Part 2

Piano features make a difference in the overall quality and staying power of this impressive instrument. In the last blog, we reviewed what to look for in case construction, pedals, finishes, the back frame, pinball and ribs or braces. In this post, we’ll introduce piano featuresyou to other key piano features and make you part of the Cooper Music piano expert family. 

The keybed is the piece of wood that supports the keyboard. The keybed must be perfectly straight so each key has the same action. If keybeds warp or sag, the quality begins to suffer. Keybeds should be made from solid wood or multi-ply hardwood.

Treble Wire Sizes
Piano wires make the magic happen. There are bass and treble wires. Quality pianos have both whole and one-half treble wire sizes in order to achieve uniform tension and even tuning and even tone.

Maple Action
The essential function of the piano action components is to translate each key depression into the rapid motion of the hammer to create sound by striking the strings. piano hammersThese piano features are often crafted from maple, a strong yet flexible wood that resists warping and so lasts longer.

Stapled Hammers
The piano hammers are actually constructed first as one long hammer the piano craftsman later cuts into multiple hammers. The high-quality felt that wraps around the maple hammer mold with wire or staples. Stapled hammers keep their shape longer and are more durable, so they provide a good, strong tone longer.

Cast Iron Frame
A piano’s cast iron frame, sometimes called the plate or harp. The frames sustain the piano frameintense tension created by the strings. You want to find frames made from the highest quality cast iron to achieve maximum strength and maximum stability, which minimizes maintenance.

Solid Reputation
When it comes to pianos, reputations are well-earned and well-deserved. Piano companies that consistently deliver high quality piano features and deliver top-notch instruments quickly earn a good reputation. Brand names don’t always matter, but when it comes to pianos, reputation counts for a lot.

The piano experts at Cooper music believe we can build a better world through music education, including educating consumers on how to recognize the benefits and advantages of piano features. Buying a piano is a once in a lifetime purchase. Choosing a quality piano should be clear and simple, not confusing, so you end up with the instrument you deserve.







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