Piano Repair Should Have A Warranty

Your piano is your passion. And it’s an investment that should not only last you a lifetime—but should be around for generation after generation. That’s why proper piano repair and tuning are essential to keeping your piano in prime shape.

But remember, any piano repair or restoration should come with a good warranty. You have made a big investment in buying your piano, the cost of ownership shouldn’t be a burden. And if and when your piano requires a repair, you need to be certain it won’t cost you for the same problem time and again. Most piano repair and restoration companies offer a full piano-repairwarranty on any work, and it is smart to confirm that before you seek their services.

What types of repair should you anticipate?

Well, as you are aware, pianos are made of materials like wood and felt which are subject to wear and tear over the years. These materials are also impacted by temperature and climate change as well. Any extreme shift from cold to hot, or from dry environments to damp, can damage your instrument and have you seeking a piano repair expert.

Also, your piano will need to be kept in tune. Most piano owners learn to tune their own piano, but you can hire professional tuners to come in and help maintain the sound of your piano. Keep in mind that newer pianos may require even more tuning as newer strings will stretch.

Over time, and with regular use, your beloved instrument may eventually need other types of repair and maintenance, including the need to:

  • Fix broken strings

  • Fix damaged keys

  • Replace action parts

  • Regulate action, and more

Don’t worry if your piano loses its luster over the years. A good piano repair and restoration company can bring it back to life in no time. In fact, it can come back looking and sounding better than when it was first built.

And remember, most pianos include a warranty when they are first purchased, so sometime the piano repair you need may already be covered. However, if any major repair or restoration is needed, you will want to ensure whoever does the work gives you a warranty as well.

Typically a good piano repair warranty will be five years at a minimum for parts and labor. Some, especially if restoration is involved will come with up to a twenty year warranty. piano-restoration

Tips for piano maintenance

One way to avoid hiring a piano repair company is to properly maintain your instrument.

First, avoid placing your piano in harms way by keeping it away from open windows, air conditioning and heating vents, as well as places in your home that receive direct sunlight. (The heat from fireplaces can be a danger too!)

For keeping the exterior well maintained, regular polishing will help. However, for instruments that have a finish of polyester plastic, there is no polishing required. (Always use a soft cloth and never use silicone or lemon oils to clean your piano—it can damage your beautiful instrument!)

In the end, you may be more satisfied with a professional to come in and repair and maintain your piano. Just remember to ask for a warranty! After all, it truly is a once in a lifetime purchase.

Think about it. Wouldn’t a professionally maintained piano with a long warranty let you enjoy your instrument with more peace of mind? 

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