Baby Grand Piano- Will it Fit in My Room?

baby grand piano

I learned long ago that of the two types of piano – the Vertical and the Grand – the Grand is the superior model. For many piano-lovers and owners such as myself, however, the full-sized, concert Grand is well beyond my pay-grade. Because of its superior sound, it is fortunate that smaller models exist, with the smallest being the baby Grand piano, which is just a miniature rendition of the wing-shaped, horizontal concert Grand.

The very next question I had after taking in a baby Grand piano at the renowned Cooper Piano establishment in Atlanta was “will this piano actually fit in my room?” The answer was, of course, a resounding “Yes!” Unless my home was a mansion with extra-wide doors, there’s simply no way that a Parlor Grand or concert Grand piano  – the next largest size – would make it inside in one piece. The baby Grand piano was made specifically for this purpose; with fabulous acoustic engineering that leads it t retain almost the full timbre and range of the master class.

grand pianoWhen compared to the gargantuan ten-feet and several-thousand-pounds size of the Grand piano, the baby Grand piano usually boasts a manageable dimension of between five and six feet; though this can go as small as five feet flat (these measurements are from the tip of the keyboard facing the player, to the rear of the piano case). These dimensions can fit readily into most any room; there are several top-notch brands that produce these scaled-down versions of the concert Grand pianos they also manufacture.

Cooper Piano has several of these world-famous baby Grand pianos available at just about any point in time, whether they are the beautifully-strung Samick baby Grand. The five-feet-five-inch Baldwin baby Grand, or the exquisitely-made Kohler and Campbell will both fit in my room. All of these Grand pianos would fit in my room, and so I don’t need to sacrifice my preferred type of piano – the Grand – in favor of the Vertical model of piano, just to save space.

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