What To Look For In A Knabe Piano

While not as well-known as Steinway, Knabe pianos have nearly as long a history. One of the oldest American piano brands, Knabes have been produced continuously since the 1840s. Despite numerous ups and downs over the decades, Knabe has maintained its focus on crafting beautiful instruments with a sound that’s famous around the world.

5 Reasons To Own A Knabe Piano

A Knabe piano is an excellent alternative for beginners, intermediate, and even advanced pianists. When customers visit my store to look for the ideal piano, I often mention the Knabe brand, particularly if he or she has never heard of it before. While the name may be unfamiliar to many individuals, various prominent people and … Continued

The History Of Knabe Pianos

The history of Knabe pianos began about 200 years ago when the Knabe couple gave birth to Wilhem Knabe in 1803 in the German town of Kreuzburg. Wilhelm learned the art of piano and cabinet making through apprenticeships, hard work, and devotion. As he grew older, Wilhelm immigrated to the United States and settled in … Continued

Cooper Piano – Dealer For Knabe Pianos

I received a call the other day and the caller wanted to know if Cooper Piano carried Knabe pianos, to which I replied, of course we do! About an hour later, the customer visited my store to look at the Knabe collection and she was extremely impressed by it. It took her a couple of … Continued

Why You Should Buy A Knabe Piano

A customer walked in to ask about a Knabe piano that she heard of from her relative. She has never heard of this type of piano before and she was not sure if it was a good idea to buy one. She had recently started her first piano lessons and she wanted to purchase a … Continued

Consider A Knabe Used Piano

A customer walked in the other day and asked if she could have a look at a used Knabe piano and without hesitating, I showed her my collection of quality Knabe pianos. She was impressed, but I could see that she was not all too sure if she should buy a new or a used … Continued

Top 5 Features Of Knabe Pianos

Knabe pianos are an excellent choice for beginners, intermediate, and advanced piano players. I know a number of prominent individuals who loved this particular brand because of their many remarkable features. Below, you will learn five main features of the Knabe musical instruments.

3 Reasons To Purchase A Knabe Grand Piano

Just the other day, my friend visited me and asked if I had some definite opinions about Knabe Pianos. His daughter had recently graduated from one of the best music conservatories and he thought of surprising her with a grand piano from the Knabe Company. I told him that his choice was an excellent one … Continued