Top 5 Features Of Knabe Pianos

Knabe pianos are an excellent choice for beginners, intermediate, and advanced piano players. Iknabe pianos know a number of prominent individuals who loved this particular brand because of their many remarkable features. Below, you will learn five main features of the Knabe musical instruments.

The Craftsmanship is Exceptional

Knabe is deemed one of the world’s best piano brands and it is mainly because of its artisanship. This company has an ancestry of amazing skills that have been practiced and perfected for over 300 years. Family members of employees have lent a hand and provided ideas to improve the pianos as well. When making a Knabe piano, the employees do not compromise any facet of the artisanship, materials, and design.

Over the years, they have technically developed pianos of near perfection. To impress their piano playing customers, the employees ensure that each piano is made up of specific materials in order to produce the best musical results. Some of the materials used are top quality hornbeam, maple, and spruce.

Performance at Its Best

The founder of Knabe pianos, Mr. William Knabe entrusted himself and the company into creating some of the most superior, high performance pianos in the industry. Not too long after that, a number of great pianists from all over the world began to take serious note of the Knabe pianos, mostly due to their artisanship and designs. I know a number of concert halls across Europe and America that has featured pianos from this company. Numerous prominent public schools, conservatories of music, and music departments of universities and colleges, as well as other institutions have chosen their pianos as part of their music curriculum.

Each Knabe piano produces wondrous and rich tonal quality, and it is frequently described as a musical instrument that is able to generate a sound akin to a singing voice. This company is also known for producing an unblemished piano encasement and matchless tone. I believe that the Knabe Company is able to produce such a piano because the company pays close attention to every detail of each piano being manufactured, so that it is perfect and able to perform faultlessly.

Only the Best Materials Used

Knabe pianos are made from only the highest quality materials and before constructing a piano, all the glues, metals, natural fabrics, and woods are chosen through endless scrutiny to ensure that only the best gets to go through the manufacturing process. When it comes to making Knabe pianos, I know there is a number of different quality woods used. To create the pin planks, the company utilizes winter-cut northern hard rock maple that is quarter-sawn in order to hold power. Other parts of the piano are made from several different woods that are flown in from all around the globe.knabe pianos

Ultimate Supremacy

I have played a few Knabe pianos and I found that their tonal quality was unbelievable. That was back in the early years when I first started taking interest in pianos. Today, I still find that one of the best brands of pianos is Knabe. A Knabe grand piano is bigger in proportion to its length and this enables it to produce sound amplification that is equalized to each side of the piano’s treble bridge. The grand pianos consist of the Low Tension Scale and the soundboard taper, which means that they are able to emit richer, fuller, balanced tone with a vibrant range. When you look into the interior of a Knabe piano, you will see that all the finishes are absolutely flawless.

Values and Philosophy

All Knabe pianos are handmade and limited since numerous decades ago. The pianos are very sturdy and tonally consistent, and it is safe to say that each piano has its own individuality. When you play a Knabe piano, you will definitely sense the dissimilarity.

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