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I received a call the other day and the caller wanted to know if Cooper Piano carried Knabe cooper painopianos, to which I replied, of course we do! About an hour later, the customer visited my store to look at the Knabe collection and she was extremely impressed by it. It took her a couple of hours to decide which model piano to buy in the end.

In the beginning, I was not sure about trading Knabe musical instruments, as I did not think that many people know much about this particular brand, unless they were from my generation. To my surprise, most people who came in to purchase Knabe musical instruments are from the younger generations.

Knabe Grand and Upright Pianos

Every Knabe piano is designed and crafted with careful attention to all detail and with the greatest care. The Knabe Company carries on its tradition of piano making, which is to hire highly experienced artisans to create the piano with their own hands. Knabe pianos have gained its popularity since more than 200 years ago and until this day; younger celebrities and musicians have taken an exceptional liking in this brand.

Why do Cooper Piano Carry Knabe Pianos

Personally, I love everything that is beautiful, and the Knabe Company has produced beautiful, rich pianos that fit almost everyone’s musical needs. The company utilizes quality materials to manufacture their pianos, which they check for blemishes or any additional faults thoroughly before they use any of the materials.

Even though these pianos are made from high quality materials, they are reasonably priced. The affordable prices allow a much larger number of people with medium incomes to own a Knabe piano. This truly shows that the Knabe Company believes in providing people with the gift of music.

Shop at Cooper Piano for a Knabe Piano

Cooper Piano has a wide range of pianos from numerous brands, which include my extensive Knabe collection. Any customer will be very happy with the variety of brand and model options that I have displayed. Grand pianos are available in several sizes and styles, and when you play with each grand piano, you will discover that each one sounds completely different to the next. The same can be said in relation to Knabe upright pianos, and this is why Knabe pianos are sought after by professional and novice piano players alike.

If you want to buy a Knabe piano, you have two options – you can visit my store or browse myknabe pianos website. The former is easier, especially if you live within the surrounding area of my store. However, if you live outside Atlanta, I have a reliable piano moving company that is able to deliver the piano safely to your destination. Of course, it all depends on how far you are located. I constantly make it my duty and priority to make sure that my customers are able to obtain the piano that they desire.

When you visit my store, you will be greeted with friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives. I am normally in the store to make sure that everything runs smoothly and whenever you feel that you want more information regarding Knabe pianos, my sales representatives and I are more than happy to assist you. We allow our customers to test all the pianos, because we believe that is the best way to determine a suitable piano that meets all your musical needs. The Cooper Piano website is straightforward and very straightforward to navigate. You can browse the pianos by name or type, and there are numerous blogs related to pianos that you could read to learn more about them.

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