3 Reasons To Purchase A Knabe Grand Piano

Just the other day, my friend visited me and asked if I had some definite opinions about Knabe knabe pianosPianos. His daughter had recently graduated from one of the best music conservatories and he thought of surprising her with a grand piano from the Knabe Company. I told him that his choice was an excellent one and I gave him three of the best reasons why I thought he should buy her a Knabe branded piano.

Here are those three reasons and I hope that they can help you to make a decision about whether a Knabe piano is the one for you.

The Artisanship of a Knabe Piano is Remarkable

Knabe pianos are constructed with the utmost care and attention and they have been doing so for a very long time. Each grand piano is handmade and only the best and most skilled craftsmen are used to produce this magnificent musical instrument. When I visited the factory a while ago, I learned a lot about the company, the passionate people behind it, the experienced employees, and about the high quality materials that are used to produce Knabe grand pianos. I learned that each material is carefully checked for blemishes or any other faults, and if they find any the materials are discarded entirely. Consequently, it is safe to say that only the highest quality and unflawed materials are used to manufacture all the grand and upright pianos that carry the Knabe name.

Despite the Superior Materials…

Knabe pianos are affordable and each one is able to fulfill your musical needs. As you might already know, grand pianos are some of the most expensive musical instruments on the market, but those produced by the Knabe Company are said to be among the more reasonably priced ones. How is it possible to manufacture such remarkable pianos made from only the best materials at a very reasonable price? Well, with proper research on all the available materials and the best places to acquire them, it is possible to sell most superior pianos at a reasonable price.

Of course, the Knabe Company also knows that these days, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a rich, full, and resonant sound that is derived from a good quality piano that is also inexpensive to buy. The company wants every person to have the opportunity to play the piano and the only way to afford people the gift of music is to produce inexpensive pianos without compromising their quality through the use of inferior quality materials.

A Variety of Choices

Every person is different to one another in terms of personality, tastes in food, clothes, and many more. The same can be said about Knabe pianos. If you play two grand pianos from this company, you will realize that each one is different from the other. The touch response, the sound, and everything else are simply dissimilar. While the differences may not be significant, withgrand piano trained ears, you are able to distinguish them easily.

The pianos produced by the Knabe Company come in a myriad of sizes, shapes, designs, and types. If you are looking at purchasing a grand piano, for instance, you will come across several different sizes and I would suggest that you first measure the size of your available area before you opt to buy one. When you are browsing for Knabe pianos, it is best that you choose a prominent piano dealer from your area.

You can also find reputable dealers in the neighboring towns or cities, but it is important that they use trustworthy piano movers to transport your choice of Knabe grand piano. If you choose to buy a used Knabe piano, please make sure that you inspect the piano thoroughly before you make the purchase.

Have you played a Knabe grand piano before?   

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  1. Do you think $10,000 is a reasonable price to pay for a Knabe 5’ baby grand piano? It is a WG-50. Owned by a piano store owner.

    1. Hello Vivian! We would love for you to come by our store to check out our Knabe’s, that way you can get a feel for the different sizes and how they play. We Have Knabes below that price point so you might find something you like at a better price! Give us a call at 404-329-1663 for more info!

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