Baldwin Grand Pianos: A Comparison Of The Big 4

Grand pianos are exceptional instruments. If you have not played one before, you should certainly visit the nearest piano dealer in your town and give it a go. The following is the Big 4 Baldwin pianos of all grand pianos: The Baldwin BP152 – Grand Sound and a Perfect Fit for a Living Room Professional … Continued

Baldwin Upright Pianos – What Are the Benefits?

If you want to create timeless memories and invest in an heirloom that you can pass down from generation to generation, then you should consider buying a highly regarded Baldwin upright piano. It offers endless entertainment and skills that your children and grandchildren can learn for many years to come. Moreover, an upright piano is … Continued

Two Pianos That Bring Out the Pianist in You

There are many types of pianos on the market, such as baby grands, studios, digital pianos, uprights, grands, petites, and many more. You can find new and used instruments, as well as imitations. Additionally, there are different brands and it is rather difficult to establish which piano is the best choice for your budget and … Continued

How Baldwin Pianos Made The Top Of The List

There are a ton of pianos out there. There are digital pianos, uprights, spinets, studios, baby grands, petites, grands, and more. There are new and used, antique and imitations. Then, of course, you have the brands. It can be difficult to determine, with the tone, craftsmanship, and condition of all these types of pianos, how … Continued

4 Reasons To Consider A Baldwin Upright

The Baldwin Company is known for its upright pianos and numerous pianists, celebrities, and musicians from various parts of the world seek these pianos for their homes. One of the most frequently asked questions from my customers is, “Which Baldwin piano should I buy?” and every time I answer this particular question, I reveal several … Continued

5 Reasons To Purchase A Baldwin Upright

Pianos come in two different types and are manufactured by numerous brands from all over the world. An upright piano, also known as a vertical, is fairly sought after by various musicians, pianists, and even novices. I grew up playing a Baldwin upright and it was one of my favorite musical instruments. During the time … Continued

What Features The Baldwin Upright Can Offer You

When customers come into my store, I make it a point to let them know how passionate I am about pianos. Back in the days when I was a teenager, I grew up playing a Baldwin upright. It was one of the best musical instruments that I have ever had the pleasure of playing. I … Continued

4.5 Reasons The Baldwin Upright Is Right For You

With so many different options for your family out there when it comes to deciding on a piano, it’s not uncommon for anyone to feel a little bit overwhelmed. There are grand pianos, baby grand pianos, all sort of electronic pianos and keyboards, and there is also upright pianos to consider. Which one is the … Continued