4.5 Reasons The Baldwin Upright Is Right For You

With so many different options for your family out there when it comes to deciding on a piano,baldwin upright it’s not uncommon for anyone to feel a little bit overwhelmed. There are grand pianos, baby grand pianos, all sort of electronic pianos and keyboards, and there is also upright pianos to consider. Which one is the right fit for your family and for your home? Which one provides some of the best deals for your money?

Well, one of the most commonly purchased piano out there happens to be the Baldwin upright and there are several reasons why. In fact, we can think of four reasons why the upright Baldwin piano is also perfect for you. Check out the list below and see for yourself:

1. Easy To Fit Anywhere

Unlike its cousins the grand piano and the baby brand Baldwin piano, the Baldwin upright has the "just right" size for about any house, apartment, or living space for any family out there. While it is nice to consider purchasing a concert-grade grand piano, it’s sometimes just not possible because of its size (and price)! An upright is able to fit into a corner or even be a center piece all on its own, all without having to sacrifice so much room.

Also, not only is it easy to fit anywhere and able to fit any family’s lifestyle, it is also very easy to move. This is especially helpful when you purchase the piano and need to have it shipped to your home, or even if you decide to move.

2. Still Same Great Sound

A lot of people like to think that an upright piano doesn’t sound as crisp or clear as a "regular" Baldwin piano, but it in fact can have the same wonderful and rich sound you should always expect from a Baldwin grade piano. While, true, an upright is going to have a slightly different sound because of how its made, this doesn’t mean it’s any lesser of quality or should be completely ignored when you’re ready to make that purchase.

3. Easy To Repair & Maintain

Unlike huge, concert-grade Baldwin pianos or even smaller grands and baby grands, the Baldwin upright piano is going to be much easier to maintain and repair. Not only can it be easier to maintain because of how they’re built, but it also means less of an expensive bill should anything need to be replaced, repaired, or even maintained every couple of years.

4. Very Inexpensivebaldwin

Finally, the one thing that many people are concerned about when it comes to purchasing a piano: the price. Fortunately, an upright piano can be found for very fair prices, especially if you find a Baldwin upright in a sale or other promotions at a piano retailer. You don’t have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to have your very own Baldwin piano to have and treasure.

4.5 Lasting Quality

We’re just going to throw in one more in here that ties into an upright Baldwin piano’s price! On top of the great deals you can find on an upright, how easy it is to maintain such a piano, and its top notch quality sound, it is also going to have a lasting overall quality that is going to be around for many, many years to come. This is the type of piano that you can leave for future kids, grandkids, great-grandkids and so on.

There you have it, all of the right reasons to try out an upright piano and why it is one of the most commonly purchased pianos out there. If you’re ready to purchase a Baldwin upright yourself, where would you put your upright?

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