How Baldwin Pianos Made The Top Of The List

There are a ton of pianos out there. There are digital pianos, uprights, spinets, studios, baby baldwin pianogrands, petites, grands, and more. There are new and used, antique and imitations. Then, of course, you have the brands. It can be difficult to determine, with the tone, craftsmanship, and condition of all these types of pianos, how to select a piano that fits your needs and your budget. Baldwin pianos are famous, not only for being expertly made and maintained, but for being versatile enough to fit almost any home or room and any set of needs, whether you are a burgeoning piano player or a professional pianist looking for a rehearsal piece. Here are some reasons to consider Baldwins.

Part of the Gibson Guitar Corporation, Baldwin Pianos is the largest United States- based piano manufacturer. With so much practice, they obviously know what they are doing. Since 1889, they have worked hard to ensure that they produce “the best piano that could be built”. Since the beginning, they have won awards, notably at the Exposition Universelle and Louisiana Purchase Exposition, with several other awards to be added later.

The company is United States based, and as such, its headquarters is in Ohio and its second facility is in Arkansas. This facility only produces 2,200 pianos a year, meaning each and every piano is built to exact specifications and undergoes a rigorous set of inspections. In addition, Baldwin is known for making customized grands and other types of pianos for artists, composers, universities, and political leaders.

Not to use star power, but several famous and immensely talented composers and performers favor Baldwin Pianos as their piano of choice. The list includes Philip Glass, Igor Stravinsky, Leonard Bernstein, Walter Gieseking, Jose Iturbi, Liberace, Clay Aiken, and Ben Folds, among others.

Aside from being the piano of choice for several of the brightest talents of the Romantic era, the Modern era, and the Pop era, Baldwin is also at the forefront of piano innovation. The Pianovelle digital piano was unveiled in 1995, with the Concert Master Complete Player System following 2 years later. In 2002, the four-tiered Baldwin Custom Grand Piano program was introduced, one of the first of its kind.

Baldwin obviously does not do exclusively digital. No matter what your budget or your space considerations, there is a Baldwin out there for you. Studio and upright pianos, with extra spring and durably constructed hammers, stand the test of time where other brands fail. Baby grands and grands alike feature expertly designed sound boards that enable you to bang out triple fortesimos or tap delicate subito pianisimos with ease. Digital pianos are built to speculation, with 88 keys and programming that is as realistic and similar to acoustic tuning as humanly possible. baldwin pianos

Baldwin Pianos also feature a versatility that make them accessible to any budget. If you are in the market to buy new, any reputable piano merchandiser (such as Cooper’s of Atlanta) will have several makes and models in stock, so whether you are sneaking an upright into your apartment, want a baby grand for your living room, or are purchasing a full- sized grand for a professional venue, you can get exactly the Baldwin you like. While the number of Baldwins produced each year is limited, they are not as scarce as some other brands, meaning you won’t have to take out a second mortgage to buy your piano.

If you are not in the market for a brand new Baldwin (or any type of piano), you still have options. Because of the expert craftsmanship of Baldwin pianos, a well- maintained used piano can still serve all your needs. The strings are strung to withstand thousands of tunings, with the rest of the piano displaying similar durability. So whether you are buying used or renting, you will still have a fabulous and fabulous- sounding piano that you can be proud of.

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