Why A Restored Yamaha Piano Is As Good As New

Some people find it difficult to make a decision between buying a new and restored piano. New pianos, no matter where they are made, are often very good. But, restored Yamaha pianos are just as good as the new ones, especially if they are properly restored by professionals. Should You Get a New or Restored … Continued

Yamaha Pianos Are Popular Choice For Piano Players

Yamaha pianos offer premium tonal quality and many pianists say that the sound emitted from these pianos is pure and rich. When it comes to buying a piano, celebrities and musicians from all corners of the world opt for this particular brand. The Yamaha Company itself has an impressive history, which include the manufacturing and … Continued

6 Breath Taking Features Of A Yamaha Grand Piano

In the music industry for years now, Yamaha has been producing outstanding quality, sound and extremely reliable musical instruments of various types. Famous for churning out sound mixers, pianos, keyboards, guitars, drums and percussion, the brand has created a niche for itself in the music industry.

Why The Yamaha Grand Piano Is An Instrument Of Beauty

The auditorium is full to capacity as the lights go up and all eyes are drawn to the stage where there sits a thing of beauty – a Yamaha Grand Piano.  Voices hush as the pianist appears and takes his seat and begins to play a musical composition that moves everyone to tears.  Indeed, piano … Continued

Yamaha Piano Prices, How Do You Know If It’s A Bargain?

Music, just like any other art, is one of the core ways through which human beings unwind and sooth themselves after a long tiring day. Research however shows that playing the music, rather than just listening to it is much more therapeutic. However, many musical instruments are expensive to purchase and if not so have … Continued

The Yamaha Piano: Why You Should Own One

When it comes to crafting the perfect piano, Yamaha technicians and craftsmen are among the best in the world. These experienced and well-trained craftsmen combine the most recent analytical techniques from various fields, which include dynamics, acoustics and electrical engineering to produce each Yamaha piano model to perfection. Before any basic design reaches the crucial … Continued

Why Yamaha Pianos Provide Lasting Sound

I have been interested in buying a piano for awhile and thought i should go to the store and check out all of the choices available. I heard many things about Yamaha pianos and decided to give it a try. They have been around since the 18th century and new that had built a great … Continued