Is a Refurbished Piano Good as New?

When you’re thinking about buying a piano, the number one factor that will drive you to choose a pre-owned piano would be the cost. Nevertheless, when you are considering that option, it involves a lot of time and risk. Refurbished pianos can be marketed or advertised under numerous terms, which cause plenty of my customers … Continued

5 Reasons to Purchase a Used Yamaha Piano vs. Buying a New One

The piano is a sophisticated musical instrument and affordable to buy. To ensure you buy a good unit, it is imperative to determine your needs, especially your budget, before you shop. If you are working around a tight budget, it is advisable that you purchase a used Yamaha piano. Why You Should Buy a Used Yamaha PianoThe … Continued

Why A Steinway Grand Piano Would Be Ideal for You

A Steinway grand piano is one of the most popular grand pianos on the market today. Its quality and cost are the decisive factors when it comes to making a decision in relation to which grand piano to purchase. People who are working around an especially tight budget often leave Steinway grand pianos off their … Continued

Be Sure To Check Out A Used Piano For Sale Before You Purchase

I have thought about purchasing a piano. Then I wasn’t sure if I preferred to pay less money for a used piano or more for a new one. I decided to check out a used instrument to pay less for it. When I started to look into buying a piano I was told there would be several things to ask about before … Continued

Used Pianos Need More Maintenance

Before you buy used pianos, there are several things you need to find out from the seller, such as: • Reasons for Selling the Piano There are many reasons why people sell their pianos. Whatever the reason is, it should not be one that will cost you money. If sellers claim that the used pianos … Continued

Used Piano For Sale And The Things To Avoid

While it may seem like it is better to buy a piano brand new, most brands retain their quality and even become better over time, which ultimately means finding a better deal with a piano that is used. However, there are certain things that anyone who is interested in purchasing a used piano should be … Continued

Used Piano For Sale And Buying From A Dealer

For those people that are presently in pursuit of a used piano for sale, this is a great idea as there are definitely dynamite deals out there to be found, and it isn’t that difficult to find them either. Whether looking locally or online, there are an amazing amount of options when it comes to buying used instruments, and although the most appealing part is the often the price, this should … Continued

Piano Flea Market Low Prices

If there’s one instrument that never fails to charm and entertain at parties and family gatherings, that would have to be the piano. It brings out the smiles and warmth like no other instrument. It’s an intimate relationship with the room that develops when the gentle tinkling of melodic tunes wafts through the air. Unlike … Continued