Be Sure To Check Out A Used Piano For Sale Before You Purchase

I have thought about purchasing a piano. Then I wasn’t sure if I preferred to pay less money forused piano a used piano or more for a new one. I decided to check out a used instrument to pay less for it. When I started to look into buying a piano I was told there would be several things to ask about before purchasing it. I did not want to end up with one that may simply look good and then it have many issues with it. I started asking several questions before making my final purchase.

Find out why the owner is selling.
I asked this question to determine if there may be possible damage with the piano. For example, if they say that they are selling because it takes up too much space or that they are in need of money then I knew to beware that the seller probably didn’t spend much time and money on repairs and maintaining the used piano.

How often was the piano tuned?
A piano should be tuned at least twice a year to help maintain it. It is like a car that needs to have a regular tuneup and oil change to prevent other problems from happening. If the seller has not had it tuned then it is a good idea to keep looking elsewhere for a used piano.

Who performed maintenance on the piano?
The last thing I wanted was to get a piano that the seller’s neighbor worked on without having any idea what they were doing. I needed to know that a reputable professional technician tuned the piano. Whether the piano is in tune or not, I had to make sure that the person that has performed maintenance on the instrument was a certified technician. Then I asked the seller  if they had any paperwork for proof of what company tuned the piano.

Where was the piano stored?
This is very important to know before deciding to purchase the used piano. I wanted to avoid purchasing one that was kept in humid or cold areas such as the basement or garage. This also indicates that the piano has not been used in a long time.

Has the piano been moved around often?used piano for sale
In the process of moving a piano, it will need to be moved by professional piano movers that know how to maneuver the large instrument. Otherwise, it could have been damaged by hits and nicks against walls and corners. It could have even been dropped once or twice too. Typically the piano will need to be tuned again after it is moved.

How often has the piano been used?
If the seller used the piano often and simply purchased a new one then chances are this used piano is a good one and has been taken care of properly. However, if the seller has had it sitting in the house for looks only then it may need tuning among other types of uncertain repairs.

For anyone planning to purchase a used piano for the sake of showing it off then you may not need to worry about all of these questions. However, if you are like me and plan to sell it in the future then it will be difficult to sell if the buyer wants to use it for learning how to play the instrument.    




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