Used Piano For Sale And The Things To Avoid

While it may seem like it is better to buy a piano brand new, most brands retain their Used Piano For Salequality and even become better over time, which ultimately means finding a better deal with a piano that is used. However, there are certain things that anyone who is interested in purchasing a used piano should be aware of. Or, you might find yourself stuck with a bad piano and out of a few hundred dollars!

I was set on finding the right used piano for my family, but, didn’t know the "warning signs" of a bad sale or what type of brands have the best value after they age. A used piano for sale might bring up images of a piano in disrepair, broken, but by following these tips you can find the best used pianos in the area without the hassle of a questionable dealer.

Lots of maintenance to begin with
When you’ve discovered a piano that you would like to buy, make sure you can check it out in person before going through with the purchase. If the piano is already in lots of disrepair and will need major updates or maintenance, then it’s time to look elsewhere. Major maintenance includes missing keys, missing interior equipment, major re-tuning, broken or molded wood, and other big projects that will more than likely cost more than the piano itself.

Price valuation and inflationPianos
Just like when choosing to buy a car or other major purchase, it is always best to do your homework. Check online or with your local piano dealer about the valuation of a used piano for sale in today’s market, accounting for its age, brand, and type of piano. There are resources online which help with appraising a piano, such as Etsey Piano or Key-Notes. Finding the right valuation of a used piano doesn’t have to be tricky with free tools, so you don’t have to worry about being ripped off!

Discontinued or older brand pianos
During my search for used piano for sale, I discovered that they’re quite a few brands and types out there which have been discontinued or the piano maker went out of business. What does this mean for you, though? Depending on the maker and type, that means the value of the piano can be raised and even earn you a valuable piece of history! However, this is another thing where you have to do your homework and do the research on the piano (or, let a piano dealer help you).

This can be tricky, though. Sometimes, the piano could be worthless and the merchant might sell it off as more valuable than it is. Like I have said before, do your research! It is always important to make sure you’re getting the most out of your piano purchase.

Valuation between different types of pianosused pianos
Are there price differences between used piano types? Yup, there is! A used concert grand piano will be much more expensive than a used baby grand, but, used upright pianos will normally raise in value over time because their sound will become richer over the years. This is especially important because everyone has their own preference of piano, the most popular used pianos being grand and baby pianos. Personally, I believe the best value will be a baby grand or upright.

Buying a used piano is much like purchasing a used car–you have to do your research and make sure you’re not stuck with a lemon! Of course, having a piano dealer help you throughout the entire process will be much easier and they will always make sure you find the best deal.

What do you think is the better deal long term: a used piano for sale or brand new piano for sale?  

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