Where Does Steinway Stand After The Sale?

Recently, the piano world was rocked with a surprise announcement that famed piano company Steinway & Sons had agreed to be bought out by a private investment group. The New York-based Paulson & Co has no other ties to the music industry, being the private hedge fund for billionaire John Paulson.

Why A Steinway Grand Piano Would Be Ideal for You

A Steinway grand piano is one of the most popular grand pianos on the market today. Its quality and cost are the decisive factors when it comes to making a decision in relation to which grand piano to purchase. People who are working around an especially tight budget often leave Steinway grand pianos off their … Continued

What The Steinway Offers To Piano Players

Steinway pianos have a lot to offer those who love this particular type of musical instrument. The production of a grand piano takes an estimated 12 months to complete. This includes the two months that it takes to dry and season the wood and three months to wait for the pianos to leave the manufacturers … Continued

Why Is The Steinway Grand Piano So Popular?

New piano buyers will normally ask me why a Steinway grand piano is very popular among the music lovers and my answer is always the same – it is due to the cost and the quality of the piano. These are certainly the decisive factors. However, in the interest of saving their money, a number … Continued

How Much is Your Steinway Grand Piano Worth?

A few months ago, a friend of mine inquired about a Steinway grand piano, and the first thing I told him was that there are no two grand pianos from Steinway that are the same. Since 1853, Steinway Company has crafted pianos individually. Each unit is unique, which is why when people decide to sell … Continued

Steinway Grand Piano: From New York & Germany Only

Before you buy a Steinway grand piano, it is imperative to understand there are no two Steinway grand pianos that are alike. As individuals, we have special characteristics that appeal to others, hence, each Steinway grand piano has its extraordinary characteristics as well. Steinway has handcrafted each piano to its own individuality since 1853 and … Continued

Steinway Baby Grand Piano Models

Ask just about anyone you happen to meet which company produces the best pianos, and they’ll say "Steinway." The name itself conjures up visions of hushed concert halls, lush sounds reverberating throughout, with the greatest pianists in the world producing the greatest music in the world.

Steinway Grand Piano Rebuilding

A Steinway grand piano has a well-deserved reputation for quality and performance. Many pianists, concert halls and piano dealers trust and recommend the Steinway line of grand pianos to serious musicians looking to make a purchase to last a lifetime. Steinway pianos hold their value for decades because of the solid construction that goes into … Continued