How Much is Your Steinway Grand Piano Worth?

A few months ago, a friend of mine inquired about a Steinway grand piano, and the first thing I Steinway grand pianostold him was that there are no two grand pianos from Steinway that are the same. Since 1853, Steinway Company has crafted pianos individually. Each unit is unique, which is why when people decide to sell their units for various reasons, they will hire a professional to determine the value of their units to ensure that they sell them at the best price. Below are several things you need to consider if you are thinking of selling your grand piano:

The Style of the Musical Instrument

From my experience, I know that people who have a taste in pianos will buy any used units that are still in style and in a good condition. The fact of the matter is that most styles will never go out of fashion, as these musical instruments are created to last a lifetime. Steinway pianos are normally designed to suit any period setting or style.

If you have an ebony grand piano, people who want a professional look for their home will certainly be interested in your unit. On the other hand, a classic ebony spade-leg will be ideal for buyers who are looking for a timeless and classic look. Determine what style you have and ensure that you let the buyers know, so that the right people will be in contact with you.

The Size of the Steinway Grand Piano

The size of the piano does play a part when it comes to selling it. People who have limited space available would not even consider buying one unless the measurements can fit the space that they allocated for the musical instrument. If you are placing an advertisement in regards to selling the unit, you need to include the measurements. Rule of thumb is to allocate space that is four times bigger than the unit is. If you have a grand piano template, it would be easier for buyers to visualize the size when they come to view the unit.

The Sound that Emits from the Unitsteinway piano

When professional pianists or RPTs evaluate the unit, they will most likely check the sound first. The sound normally determines the value of the Steinway piano, aside from the aesthetic. They will check for clarity, richness, depth, loudness, and level of brilliance. If you have been taking good care of your unit and if it is regularly tuned, you will find that your unit will be extremely valuable. People will buy pianos based on the sound that emanates from them, thus, if your unit produces the precise sound and tone, it will usually be snatched up right away.

The Sensation of Your Grand Piano

The touch of the unit is just as important as the sound. Every time I visit a new piano store, I will play several units to feel the true sensation. It gives me great pleasure when I come across a unit that has the best touch response, as it makes it very easy for me to play a particular piece or even to compose my own song. The RPTs will definitely check the sensation of your Steinway grand piano to determine its worth. As soon as he or she has evaluated the unit, he or she will tell you the actual value of your piano.

Keep in mind that it is entirely up to you to decide if one evaluation is enough. However, I would advise you to get several evaluations done by different professional pianists or RPTs. (Registered Piano Technicians)  


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