Why Is The Steinway Grand Piano So Popular?

New piano buyers will normally ask me why a Steinway grand piano is very popular among thesteinway piano music lovers and my answer is always the same – it is due to the cost and the quality of the piano. These are certainly the decisive factors. However, in the interest of saving their money, a number of buyers cross out a Steinway piano from their list to opt for a musical instrument that is mediocre in quality and brand, as well as depreciating in terms of value.

Many factors are involved when it comes to buying a good quality piano, especially one from Steinway. From my experience, I noticed that every buyer prioritize his or her criteria differently. In this blog post, you will find several factors that you should evaluate when you are shopping for a grand piano.

The Size of the Available Area

When you are looking at buying a grand piano, the size of the room should be taken into consideration. You need to allocate at least three times the size of the musical instrument. If not, the room would be too small, even if you do not have a large audience to witness your musical skills.

However, if you are placing the grand piano in a practice room, the room can be slightly smaller. You will obtain a more realistic feel when you play it, because the sound reverberates off the wall and floor. The Steinway grand piano come in a variety of heights that start from 5 ft 1 in to 9 ft, which makes it possible for you to find one that fits your room size perfectly.

The Price of the Grand Piano

I believe that a Steinway grand piano is aptly priced because of its aesthetic value and tonal quality. A few brands put a very high price on their grand pianos, but the sound and visual aspects of the instruments cannot match those of Steinway pianos. If you only have a limited budget to work with, you can easily buy a used Steinway piano that is still in a good condition. In fact, a large number of Steinway secondhand units are known to be much better than new grand pianos from other companies. It is for this reason that Steinway pianos are very popular.

The Aesthetic Value

A number of buyers tend to prioritize the color and finish of a piano, so that the musical instrument can complement their home furnishings. Ebony black is usually more suitable for concert venues, but it can still go well with any home that wants to embody a classic look.

The colors of Steinway grand pianos are as follows:

• Ebony Black

• Walnut – American, French, circassion, or burled

• Mahogany – figured, simple-grained, flamed, or fiddle-back

• Cherry

• Ivory – cream, white, or gold-leaf

• Oak

• Rosewood – Indonesian and Brazilian

The finishes include:

• Satin

• Satin Luster

• Glossy

• High Polish

A glossy finish is likely to be more ostentatious, which makes it ideal for any room. If you are Steinway grand pianoslooking for a piano to complement or to enhance your home décor, you can never go wrong with a Steinway grand piano.

The Style of the Grand Piano

Steinway offers various styles such as, Louis XV, Rococo, Queen Anne, and many more. Additionally, you can opt for a customized grand piano, but bear in mind that it does come with a higher price. These styles are extremely valuable and pianists, celebrities, and artists from all over the world seek them.

When you choose to buy a piano, it is advisable to look for a Steinway grand piano that offers the best in terms of looks, sound, feel, and action response. It is highly recommended that you also look for one that can maintain its value in the years to come.

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