How Weather Change Effects Your Piano

Have you noticed any changes in the sound of your piano over the years? Weather is an important aspect of care in the proper maintenance of a piano. Both weather and temperature can affect the tune and sound, as well as the actual construction of a piano. Indoor climates, which contain humidity, have the most noticeable effect, … Continued

Should You Hire A Piano Tuner?

Every piano that was ever manufactured has needed to be tuned up regardless of whether it was played or not. Since there are many reasons to have a piano tuned, many people want to know when our piano needs to be tuned. Fortunately, there are some simple signs that will let you know when you … Continued

Where To Find A Piano Tuning Company In Atlanta

It is important to get quality piano tuning done every now and then to ensure that your piano is always in top condition. Learning how to play a piano that is out of tune will impede your playing experience, because it is difficult to play notes perfectly and it is annoying to listen to lingering … Continued

How To Know If You Need A Piano Tuning

I have a standard sized piano and I play it periodically. I was not sure when the piano would need to be tuned, however. I have heard once a year and even once every two years. I decided to do some research to determine what the real answer was since it seemed to not be the … Continued

Piano Tuners And How To Choose One

In order for a piano to perform properly, it is paramount that it be tuned periodically, as even the most talented pianist would have a problem playing one that isn’t. This is the reason that piano tuners are rather important, as without these professionals who persistently provide perfect pitch, these instruments would produce unpleasant sounds that are sour instead of sweet! Unlike other … Continued

Piano Tuner and The Technician

In order to have a piano to perform at its peak and keep a long life, it is necessary to have it tuned regularly.  An experienced piano tuner is what is needed as he is well versed in this job. Nowadays, the internet provides online listings of piano tuners and so getting one for the … Continued

Piano Repair Should Have A Warranty

Your piano is your passion. And it’s an investment that should not only last you a lifetime—but should be around for generation after generation. That’s why proper piano repair and tuning are essential to keeping your piano in prime shape.