How To Know If You Need A Piano Tuning

I have a standard sized piano and I play it periodically. I was not sure when the piano would piano tuningneed to be tuned, however. I have heard once a year and even once every two years. I decided to do some research to determine what the real answer was since it seemed to not be the correct information. I wanted to make sure that I was taking proper care of my piano, but I also didn’t want to have to pay for someone to come to my home and tune it if I didn’t need them to. Therefore, I started to read about piano tuning. I learned about the various necessities that a piano needs to make sure that it is not only in tune but maintained. 

I played a few notes such as the scale or set of arpeggios. I used the electronic tuner to determine if it needed tuning and it did. There were various elements contributing to the fact the piano needed tuning. For example, every three months piano tuning is important for maintaining good quality sound. Keeping the piano in a good climate is also important.

Piano tuning

As long as the piano is tuned at least twice a year then it should be fine, however, if the piano is used often, moved frequently, or is kept in ever changing climate then the piano needs to be tuned at least four times a year or every three months.

Good climate

A piano needs to be kept away from humidity or temperatures that tend to go up and down often. The best temperature to keep a piano in is around 68 degrees fahrenheit. I learned to never have it in my basement or cellar because that would be one of the worst places to keep the piano. In my living room or in a room away from a window or frequently opening door to prevent drafts from effecting the tune of the piano.

Other reasons for piano tuning are as follows:

•piano was moved 

•lack of playing

•slight or major temperature changepiano

When I tried having my piano tuned I realized that with a severe change in temperature that the pitch needed changing before the tuning could be accomplished. I had a professional come out and raise the pitch and then tune the instrument. Anything drastic that occurs with the piano such as major weather change or moving it from one home to another, will cause some maintenance needed to the instrument. Pianos are very sensitive to its surroundings and will need some attention. The piano is a great investment for me, but I must take care of it if it is going to stay in the family for a long time.

I decided to have my children take piano lessons. The piano had to be in tune in order for classes to be taught properly. No one can learn how to play the piano if it is out of tune. I make sure that the piano is tuned every three months, the piano is placed in an area where there is no draft or direct sunlight, and it is played several times a week. I also decided to have a professional come out and not only maintain the pitch and tuning, but to check various other parts of the instrument such as the piano strings and backing.   



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