Should You Hire A Piano Tuner?

Every piano that was ever manufactured has needed to be tuned up regardless of whether it Piano Tuningwas played or not. Since there are many reasons to have a piano tuned, many people want to know when our piano needs to be tuned. Fortunately, there are some simple signs that will let you know when you need to have your piano tuned.

Additionally, when you choose a company to have your piano tuner, make sure that the company that you use for tuning your piano employs registered piano technicians since the field is “unregulated” in the sense of obtaining certification. Registered piano technicians are tried, tested and proven to be able to handle all of your piano tuning needs, even when you need someone to work on the piano action, the most complex mechanism inside of your piano.

How Long Has it Been Since Your Last Tuning?

Pianos need to be tuned on a regular basis. If you play your piano frequently, you will need to tune it more frequently than others who do not play as frequently. I find that tuning my piano every three months works best, since I play two or three times per week.

Some people get their piano tuned twice a year, but if you live in a climate that experiences extreme weather conditions or can’t keep the ideal temperature for the piano , you probably won’t be able to get away with it. At the very minimum, you should tune your piano at least once a year, regardless of whether you are using it or not.

How Often do You Use Your Piano?

The louder you play your piano and the more often you play your piano has a direct affect on the condition of the tuning of the piano. If you play your piano only once a week, you should be able to afford to only have to tune the piano once every three months. If you use your piano any more than that, you should consider getting it tuned anywhere from several times a week to once a week or twice a month. Pianos that are played in public performances need to be tuned at least once a week.

In What Type of Climate Is Your Piano Stored?piano tuner

The vast majority of pianos that are out of tune are like that because of factors relating to the climatic conditions the piano is exposed to. A good piano tuner can accurately assess the condition of your piano and let you know if climate has caused your piano’s soundboard to expand or contract, which is definitely a precursor for your piano slipping out of tune. Fluctuations in the levels of moisture and temperature that your piano is exposed to is the most common reason why pianos going out of tune. For best performance, tune your piano, at the bare minimum, every time the season changes. What type of climate do you live in? Did you know that seasonal climate changes have a lot to do with your piano getting out of tune?

Is Your Piano Going Flat?

The older the piano you have and the more often it has been exposed to normal, seasonal weather changes, the more likely it is to go flat and be out of tune. When tuning pins slip, your piano goes flat.  Since older pianos have the tendency to have loose tuning pins, professional piano tuners are able to identify the problem and correct this issue for you in your scheduled tune-up.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that all pianos need to be tuned at least once a year, regardless of how often they are used. My husband and I own a piano, but neither of us plays very much. I didn’t know it was still important to keep up with the tuning, so I’m glad you shared that info here!

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