Piano Tuners And How To Choose One

Piano TunersIn order for a piano to perform properly, it is paramount that it be tuned periodically, as even the most talented pianist would have a problem playing one that isn’t. This is the reason that piano tuners are rather important, as without these professionals who persistently provide perfect pitch, these instruments would produce unpleasant sounds that are sour instead of sweet!

Unlike other popular musical instruments such as the guitar or bass, when it comes to calibrating the tension of the strings on a piano, it’s an entirely different endeavor that cannot be completed by simply just anyone. Not only because the strings are on the inside, but also because nearly all pianos differ from each other in numerous ways. That’s why there are piano tuners, who through certified training are capable of making the fine adjustments that are required to keep this instrument in ideal operating condition.

The way that a piano gets tuned is with the use of tools which are tailor-made for this purpose. These basically include the tuning hammer or lever, tuning fork, and temperament strip, among a few other gadgets. Once a pro opens the piano, they utilize their utensils and abilities to precisely tweak the delicate internal components. The process typically takes about two hours to complete, yet an older or complex piano may require a little more modifying. Additionally, the cost might vary depending upon the particular attention it may actually need.     

To further elaborate, tuning a piano entails an analysis of the interaction between various notes, which must be done correctly and accurately. By altering the tension of the strings to exactly where they should be, this is how harmony is acheived. Normally, a knowledgable ear is able to tell if a piano is even slightly off, whether playing it or just listening. Although unfortunately unlike other instruments, it cannot be tuned by ear, at least correctly that is.

Another aspect which will affect how often piano tuners are required is the environment in which a piano resides. As fluctuations in climate can cause expansion and contraction issues, it’s critical that a piano’s living conditions are ideal. So, it is smart to set it in a spot that has a steady, mild temperature right around 68º. In addition, keeping it clear of any heating and cooling vents will help, as well as away from windows and doors, which will ensure longevity and also a minimal maintenance plan.   piano tuning
The results from regular visits by professional piano tuners can be quite remarkable and rewarding! When an instrument is kept in optimal condition, it’s practically guaranteed to provide many years of enjoyment by delivering delightful music to the ears of all who listen, that’s of course if it gets played. Hence another great reason for hiring a tuner as the better a piano sounds, the more motivated a person will likely be to play it.     

As most authorities on the subject, including manufacturers, usually recommend that a person seek the services of piano tuners around two times a year, this will also depend upon several factors such as how frequently the piano is played, how old it is, and often even the brand. An owner will hopefully become familiar with their favorite piece of furniture and eventually they’ll naturally know when it’s time for their piano to undergo a tuning or other maintenance.   

Are you interested in obtaining additional information about piano tuners? If you actually have a piano but you don’t have a competent techie to tune it as needed, then you’re missing a pretty big piece of the euphonic puzzle. However, there is no need to be to concerned, a piano store is usually closer than you think. Of course if you’re inclined to do so, you can take classes and become certified yourself. Either way, the moment that you finally find a reliable tuner, your music will seem even more melodic!

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  1. I appreciate that you mentioned that we could get remarkable results if we are to have a piano tuner visit us regularly. My wife and I have been talking about getting our piano tuned, so we could play it more often with it sounding incredible, and it will be important for us to know that we could find the right person to tune it. Once we find them, I will be sure to ask for regular visits, so we could get the best results.

    1. Our costumers often ask to get the same tuner every time! Its nice to have a familiar face work on your beloved piano.

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