How Playing Piano is Stress Re-leaving

What do you normally do after a long and stressful day at work? A number of people would probably choose to drink or sit semi-comatose in front of their plasma TV, while others may opt for the gym to de-stress.

How Does Improper Playing Affects Your Piano

Bless my parents and my piano teacher who stuck with me for seven years.  One of my fondest memoies of our first piano is a picture I still have .  It is a picture of me sitting on the piano stool when I was a baby.  The picture shows me grinning from ear to ear and of course … Continued

The Trinity: Mind, Soul and Piano

One of the most amazing aspects of piano-playing is how well it can unify our minds, our bodies, and maybe even our souls! Unlike nearly any other hobby a person can take up, learning music -and especially piano- is a true “all body” experience.  It uses both sides of the brain, as well as both … Continued

5 New Pop Songs Piano Instructors of Can Teach Students in 2015

Pop songs are very popular because they are often very catchy that it is difficult to forget them. These days, piano teachers are opting for pop songs to teach their students. Some of the most popular pop songs are as follows: Blank Space – Taylor Swift Taylor Swift is known for singing catchy and unforgettable … Continued

How The Piano Can Assist With Autism?

 One of my friends who is a piano teacher teaches autistic students. He confided in me that throughout his many years as a teacher, he only had to deal with a student who threw violent tantrums once. He said typically, most teachers would give up at this point, but with his sufficient training and experience, … Continued

The Healing Power Of Piano Music

Music is a universal language powerful enough to rally armies and unite countries, yet gentle enough to soothe a baby and heal a broken heart. Music makes celebrations and parties infinitely much more enjoyable, and acts therapeutically for people with emotional and physical problems. Piano music in particular has a special ability to deliver healing … Continued

What Should One Do To Become A Piano Player?

When I first pieced up my first notes on my father’s favorite piano, I was so proud of myself. As I sat there playing the simple “Joy to The World” tune, the imaginary me basked in the glory of a thunderous cloud giving a standing ovation after my performance. It is the dream of every … Continued

Piano Player And The iPad

The 21st Century piano player has a lot of reference material out there to practice with and become a great musician, although one of the most popular items for music-making lately has been the Apple iPad. A digital tablet to record your music, save it, and even store and archive sheet music all in one … Continued