Piano Player And The iPad

The 21st Century piano player has a lot of reference material out there to practice with and become a great musician, although one of the most popular items for music-making lately has been the Apple iPad. A digital tablet to record your music, save it, and even store and archive sheet musicipad-sheet-music all in one place is very ideal, and thankfully there are many other uses of the iPad for the pianist today to use with their piano.

The iPad for sheet music
One of the most popular ways to use the iPad right now is to keep track of all the sheet music a musician might have–and having it neatly organized into categories that are all easily accessible. The iPad has many apps for sheet music, and you can now even download sheet music straight from the Internet to your iPad, so you don’t have to lug around giant books of music between performances, practice sessions, recitals and everything else.

If you play multiple instruments, the iPad can also categorize and organize your sheet music for each instrument. Instead of filing through a bunch of different sheet music and then pulling out a song for guitar instead of piano, have everything streamlined with the iPad. This is especially helpful if you’re a piano teacher and your young piano players are all at different proficiencies with piano playing.

The iPad for making music
If you’re a passionate musician or professional piano player, then the iPad can also help with your music making process. With tons of apps out there, all with keyboard capabilities, creating new music has become so much better (and easier) for all classes of musicians. In fact, you can now hook up an iPad to your keyboard or digital piano in order to utilize different sounds and patches.

Another interesting piece of the iPad is its ability to become an entire piano-playerkeyboard if you don’t have one, or don’t want to move around your keyboard to shows. However, most of these apps are limited in what they can do and normally won’t have the power of an actual piano or keyboard to make some amazing music. Though, music making apps on the iPad are a great complimentary feature for the keyboardist.

The iPad for learning piano
Perhaps you’re completely new to the world of piano playing. No problem, there’s an app for that! The iPad is a wonderful companion along with a piano in order for new musicians to break into piano and learn in an easy-to-understand environment. It doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to music or are exploring different instruments, or even took piano lessons fifteen years ago and are picking it back up, the iPad with a piano can help during those times when your instructor can’t be there (and during at-home practice!).

While some people feel the iPad cheapens the experience with a piano, it doesn’t necessarily have to be like that at all. I think the iPad helps augment the experience and make it even more easily accessed to a newer generation and people who learn visually. Do you think the iPad is threatening traditional music?

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