Physical and Intellectual Benefits Of Playing Piano

Whether someone is young or old or anywhere in between, learning piano is a great way to improve both the body and mind! Even though it’s (usually) done sitting down, piano-playing truly is an all-body experience.  It creates high levels of dexterity in both hands, as well as involving both sides of the brain at … Continued

Why Pianos Still Hold a Key Place in Music

Since its first invention over three hundred years ago, the piano has reigned as the true king of musical instruments.  No other instrument – not even the human voice – can match the range and depth and complexity of the piano. That’s why, even in this day of gee-whiz digital music-making, the piano continues to … Continued

5 New Years Resolutions an Inspiring Piano Player Can Make

The New Year is the time that many people look back at what they have accomplished. For those who are musicians, particularly new piano players tend to look forward to what they still wish to achieve. I personally feel it is a great time for me and everyone else to make a fresh start, to … Continued

How Player Pianos Can Help Your Business

Recently, I have had a few clients come into my shop to view pianos that they want to buy for their businesses. One of them had inherited a restaurant and was refurbishing the entire place to open for business soon. He asked if it would be a great idea to purchase a piano, so that … Continued

Why A Piano Is Great For Empty Nesters?

Being a piano dealer, I meet all types of people; single males and females, parents, piano teachers, and many others. Some of my favorite people are the empty nesters that visit my store to obtain more information about pianos and lessons. Empty nesters typically want to fill up their free time with activities, and piano … Continued

Piano Dealers Are Your Best Choice For Service

Finding the perfect service in order to purchase a piano or keep up with the maintenance with your current piano can sometimes be a hassle, especially with several music stores shutting down locally and leaving most people clueless and searching the Internet without much information. If you have pressing questions that need more detail than … Continued

Yamaha Grand Piano and Service

In the lovable land of pianos, there are followers and there are leaders, and when it comes to the latter, the Yamaha grand piano is certainly at the top of the list. This innovative instrument is considered by many piano players and listeners alike, to be the ultimate music making machine. Yet, aside from the incredible sounds it can create, … Continued

Acoustic Digital Piano Buyer Tips

Traditional pianos are acoustic pianos, with sound produced when keys are touched, causing internal hammers to hit strings that vibrate and produce musical notes. A acoustic digital piano, however, is an electric piano with additional capacities that sounds just like an acoustic piano and therefore is often called a digital acoustic piano. Digital Acoustic Pianos … Continued