Why Pianos Still Hold a Key Place in Music

_pianos-for-saleSince its first invention over three hundred years ago, the piano has reigned as the true king of musical instruments.  No other instrument – not even the human voice – can match the range and depth and complexity of the piano.

That’s why, even in this day of gee-whiz digital music-making, the piano continues to be a favorite instrument of young and old musicians alike.  Even the ranks of today’s hottest pop stars include plenty of pianists, like Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, Dave Grohl, Alicia Keys, Thom Yorke, and many others still regard the piano as holding an important place in music-making.

Why is the piano still so important?  We’ve got a few ideas…

Why The Piano Still Fascinates After All These Years

1 – The huge chromatic range

With seven full octaves at a pianist’s disposal -or even more-  there is just no instrument that can match its depth.  In the hands of a master, a single piano can produce as much music as two or three different instruments.  This gives the piano unparalleled potential for musical expression.

2 – The power to fill a hall… or silence it

A piano doesn’t need woofers or amplifiers or any other equipment to fill an entire room with roaring sound, then suddenly pull back to a quiet whisper.  Thanks to its physical construction, no other instrument gives a player access to such tiny lows and such magnificent highs.

In a world of compressed music optimized for MP3 playback, the piano reminds players and listeners what dynamic truly means.

3 – An all-in-one compositional toolatlanta-piano-rental-rates

If a musician has a piano, they might as well have an orchestra at their beck and call.  Any time, day or night, the piano can help them flesh out a symphony, or find that perfect rollicking roadhouse blues lick.  There’s no bootup, no interface, and nothing to stand between the player and their piano.

4 – The ultimate challenge 

The piano can truly take a lifetime to master.  The potential to refine one’s technique is practically endless, and that unbeatable range of sounds means that there’s really no limit to what a piano and a great player can accomplish.

There’s a reason that, to this day, if a musician wants to show themselves among the true greats in music, they use the piano to prove it.

Here at Cooper Piano, we’re proud to keep the flame alive and continue to show new generations the power of the piano.  And if it’s been too long since you – or your kids – have put fingers to ivory, come on down to our showroom floor to try out a few.

(And ask about our piano lessons when you visit!)

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