Why A Piano Is Great For Empty Nesters?


Being a piano dealer, I meet all types of people; single males and females, parents, piano teachers, and many others. Some of my favorite people are the empty nesters that visit my store to obtain more information about pianos and lessons. Empty nesters typically want to fill up their free time with activities, and piano is often their number one choice in keeping themselves busy.

What are Empty Nesters?

Empty nesters, or the empty-nest syndrome is the term given to the assemblage of feelings numerous parents have when their only or last child in the family leaves home. With no more “baby chicks” in the house, parents are left with an empty “nest”. After spending at least two to three decades as parents, it is certainly rational for many parents to expect this change to be difficult.

Most parents would feel sadness and find it difficult to determine the outcome of their roles as parents, given that their children are no longer at home. There are definitely some major adjustments that need to be done. For this reason, a large number of these empty nesters decide to take up new hobbies. One of the most common hobbies is taking piano lessons.

Why is a Piano Great for Empty Nesters?

A piano is known for its ability to bring a lot of joy for many people. I remember those days when my children left to further their studies. Aside from my wife, my piano was my companion. I would serenade her with her favorite songs and we organized numerous dinner parties, just so that I could entertain our guests with my music pieces. I felt liberated on numerous occasions!digital-pianos-36

From my personal experience, I would tell my customers that taking up piano lessons can help them overcome their loneliness and fear of adjusting to new atmosphere. As a mature adult, it is not difficult to learn to play piano. There are many piano teachers that are patient and more than happy to teach adults in their 40’s and even 50’s.

Piano lessons can help you become better at organizing your time and schedule. In addition, as we grow older, we are more determined to prove to ourselves that we can learn new things within certain period. I had a customer who was afraid of learning to play the instrument, because he was not very good in mathematics. Let me tell you now that it does not matter whether you are good or not in mathematics, what matters is your passion and determination.

If learning to play piano is what your heart desires, then I recommend that you do it right this minute! 

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