Why Schimmel Pianos Are Top Quality

If you plan to send your child to a music school to attend piano lessons, it is imperative that your child is interested in learning it properly and on a permanent basis. If children were given a choice, most of them would not want to take a bath, do their Math or Science homework, or … Continued

Schimmel Pianos for Sale

If you want to enliven your home with beautiful music, or if you think your children might be interested in piano lessons Atlanta one day, then a Schimmel piano is definitely the one to get! I just bought mine from Cooper Piano, and let me tell you: it was one of the best decisions I’ve … Continued

Piano Teacher: Sally Bates

Cooper Piano strives to build a better world through music education. To do this, Cooper Piano is happy to highlight a highly qualified voice and piano teacher at the Peggy Still School of Music, Ms. Sally Rose Bates! About Ms. Bates Ms. Bates holds a Masters Degree in Vocal Performance from the Georgia State University … Continued

Piano Lessons Atlanta – Peggy Still School of Music

If you’ve been looking for a piano lessons Atlanta, it’s time to stop your search. I want to recommend the Peggy Still School of Music to you and your family. Peggy Still’s School of Music fits perfectly with my belief that music education can help build a better world. Her philosophy of music education echoes … Continued

How Do I Find A Piano Teacher For My Child?

Finding a teacher, any teacher, is an important decision that requires time, energy, and finesse.The easiest way to go about it would be to just jump on a search engine the same way you would if you were looking for a grand piano or a upright piano and find someone close, but a friend’s recommendation is often … Continued

Personal Piano Teacher Vs. Learning Online

Personal Piano Teacher Vs. Learning Online – What Kind of Pianist are You? There is no doubt that the internet has forever changed the way we live, interact, communicate, consume and learn. Today, the internet allows us to work from home, meet our spouse on the social network, and freely talk with anyone from anywhere … Continued

Piano Lessons- a piano teachers viewpoint

I provide a full and comprehensive piano lesson curriculum in order that my students not only enjoy playing but also gain an education in music.  My methodology includes how to read music, play by ear, improvise and compose, and understand music theory and music history. Solo and group performances are offered throughout the year.  Performance … Continued

Music Lessons, Digital Pianos & Performances – School of Rock Results

Like many other private schools of music, Gwinnett School of Music offers piano lessons in classical piano, jazz piano, and pop keyboard as well as lessons in violin, guitar, viola, cello, clarinet, saxophone, flute, trumpet, trombone, and voice. In addition to these, they also offer the popular and successful School of Rock program.