Piano Lessons Atlanta – Peggy Still School of Music

piano lessons atlantaIf you’ve been looking for a piano lessons Atlanta, it’s time to stop your search. I want to recommend the Peggy Still School of Music to you and your family. Peggy Still’s School of Music fits perfectly with my belief that music education can help build a better world. Her philosophy of music education echoes my own and I strongly support her school and work.

Peggy’s mission statement for her school is “Music touches lives and souls – Music can be the glue in our community.” I whole-heartedly agree with this statement. Music is a powerful art form that brings us together and stirs our emotions in ways no other medium can do. Learning to play the piano brings you into the fold of musicians able to create this art and make connections with others.

Peggy opened her music school in 1988 bringing years of experience in the music industry with her. She serves as a voting member for the Grammy Recording Academy and is a member of several professional associations. She has worked on developing and arranging music for stage and screen productions including "America’s Got Talent," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and "Big Momma’s House 3."
Piano teachers who work in the Peggy Still School of Music are all classically trained pianists who often also teach or specialize in other instruments as well. Instructors may also specialize in specific music styles including jazz, blues, gospel or contemporary music. With the quality and variety of teachers in the Peggy Still School of Music, you will find a piano teacher to meet your needs no matter your age or musical background.

Music can indeed lift everyone to new heights, energize our spirit and make the world a better place. Make your connection at the Peggy Still School of Music.

If you have been looking for a great piano school of music, look no further.

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