Piano Lessons- a piano teachers viewpoint

atlanta piano lessonsI provide a full and comprehensive piano lesson curriculum in order that my students not only enjoy playing but also gain an education in music.  My methodology includes how to read music, play by ear, improvise and compose, and understand music theory and music history.

Solo and group performances are offered throughout the year.  Performance etiquette and strategies to overcome nerves are an essential part of my instruction.

Telling a child they must “practice every day” and that “practice makes perfect” are sometimes not words a student likes to hear.  I teach my students HOW to practice so they will see for themselves how much fun and rewarding piano lessons can be!  I emphasize “quality not quantity” as a goal of practice.playing piano

The benefits of piano begin upon the first lesson and last for a lifetime.  Countless studies prove piano increases spatial-temporal reasoning.  This can result in higher test scores in areas such as math and science.  Motor skills, coordination and ability to focus are greatly enhanced through practice.
NEVER underestimate the importance of a boost of self confidence and self-esteem your child can gain through piano lessons!

Successful piano teaching requires patience, teamwork, enthusiasm, passion, and a healthy environment.  My personal goal is to continue to build on these attributes and provide a “state of the art” musical education for children so they can become well-rounded musicians.

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Post by Kyley Smith, piano teacher


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