Digital Pianos – What Are Your Options?

Electronic music instruments have come a long way in the last 20 years and nowhere is this change more apparent than digital pianos. Options for digital pianos are varied and the sound from each has a unique tone. The following are a few of the better options for a digital piano.

How The Digital Piano Has Evolved Over The Years

The classical piano had evolved from many previous models and sounds until it reached its own in 1709.  The popularity of the traditional, classical piano soared throughout the music world and development of arts until the 1920s, when adaptations of the classical piano were created to give a variation on tone and profound tune acquisition.

Digital Pianos – What Does Each Brand Offer?

For a lot of people who lack the budget or space in their house for a full-sized piano, a digital piano is the next-best thing.  While no digital instrument can truly recreate the sound and scope of a Grand Piano, some of them can come awfully close. Plus, digital pianos are often perfect for people who compose/perform … Continued

10 Misconceptions About Digital Pianos?

When you decide to purchase a digital piano, I would advise that you conduct as much research as possible about the unit that you are interested in buying. Trust me, you do not want to purchase the first digital piano that you come across, as there are many models out there. In addition, you need … Continued

Digital Pianos – Which Brand Should I Buy?

Many customers ask for advice when they are looking at buying digital pianos. I decided to put together a buying guide to help you and other people choose the right digital piano to purchase. Given that most of my customers take piano lessons on full-sized, conventional pianos, I am going to advise you from this … Continued

Choosing Between A Digital Piano Or An Upright Piano?

Upright pianos and digital pianos are both popular choices for those who want the pleasure of owning a fine piano, but just don’t yet have the space or the time needed to properly care for a grand. Frankly, either choice would going to be a good one. Whether it’s for a musician’s home studio, or … Continued

What to Look For When Buying A Celviano

Grand pianos are often the first choice for many people who want to own a musical instrument. However, after going through the many selections in various piano stores, most people conclude that a grand piano is too big and costly. Additionally, maintaining a grand piano is not as easy as many people assume it is. … Continued

What To Look For When Buying A Digital Piano, Atlanta

Music is the epitome of human civilization.  No greater medium of communication affects the psyche quite like it.  There is no greater feeling of fulfillment than being able to play a moving musical piece on the piano and knowing all the practice and dedication it took.  I myself want to be able to move people’s … Continued